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Chapter 2

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Ok So same summary BUT SORRY I DIDNT UPDATE EARLIER! i was sick so now i have 2 chapters for you

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Joanna's POV

Right Now I'm on my way over to Frank's house for band practice. No, he's not in my band, but Zack's apartment is way too small, Ryan is too lazy ass to clean his apartment, and Nikki still lives with her parents. Anyways, Frank and the guys (the rest of his band), likes to watch us play.


No One in Particular's POV

20 minutes later, Joanna pulled up to the house. As she entered the garage, she noticed that Ryan and Nikki were already there.
"Hey JoJo" Frank said appearing from the kitchen door.
"Frankie!!!" Joanna said, giving him a bear hug.
"What about me?" Ryan asked with the puppy-dog face that only he could do. It's actually kinda funny looking.
"Oh I'm sorry, did you want a hug?" Joanna asked with a smug look on her face, arms open.
"No I wanted one from Frankie!" Ryan said jumping up from the ground and skipping over to him.
"Come here Ry-Ry!" Frank said laughing.
"Oke-Doke Fry-Fry!" Ryan said enveloping him in a hug as Joanna's smug look turned to a pout.
"Fine...Whatever." she said crossing her arms.
"Come back here...Ry-Ry" Nikki said mockingly, patting the ground next to her.

"So where is Zack anyways?" Joanna asked.
"Oh...he said he'd be late." Frank laughed, along with Nikki and the newly situated Ryan who at the moment was making himself comfortable on the cold tile floor of the garage.
"Well he called about 15 minutes ago telling us he got lost looking for a way out of this girl's neighborhood."
"Bet he banged her."
"definitely." Nikki said, nodding her head in agreement.
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