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Love Is Your Eyes Under The Rain

by YourFallOutGirl 2 reviews

"Patrick?" "What's up babe?" "What's love?"

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"Patrick?" Pete asked as they layed in the feild wachin the pink and orange sunset. "What's up babe?" "What is love?" Patrick blinked clearly confused at the question. But he had to answer. So he replied, "Well, love is when I wake up to your smiling face in the morning." Pete lightened up. "Really?" "Yea. Love is your eyes under the rain. Filled with pure joy and contentment." Pete snikered. "Well I do love the rain." "A little too much." They laughed and Patrick sighed. "Baby, love is also when you laugh." He looked down embarrassed. "It makes my soul soar." "Wow. Tricky you do have a way with words. Patrick blushed and shrugged. "Well I don't know...." Pete pulled his body closer to his best friend in the whole entire universe and said, "I know what love is really. It's just spending time with the only person I could really love and waching the beautiful sunset." "Yeah. Love is really knowing you are in good hands." "And love is being able to do this." Pete placed a soft but eager kiss on Patrick's lips. And they just stayed like that, pecking each other's faces and telling jokes until sunddenly.... "Pete! Patrick! Come inside you two or you're gonna get sick!!" "Huh. Leave to Andy to ruin a moment." Patrick muttered. It was pitch black and freezing cold. "Race you to the house." Pete offered. "Sure." Well there you have it folks. Love in the open. Love is everything those two have and more. It just goes to show you what love in best friends can do. Oh and just in case you where wondering, Pete won the race but Patrick got his revenge by stuffing ice cubes down his shirt and tackiling him into the couch.
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