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Here without you!

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Evey recalls her experience with V, but sometimes the past is not always ready to die.

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Evey stood silently on the rooftop staring at the slow steady downpour. The sweet smell of roses radiated from the greenhouse behind her and sent her back a two years ago the first time she'd experienced the beauty and complexity of the man known only as V. She gave a sad smile thinking of the night she placed him on his chariot after he finished his goal in life.

In his own right he was more then just flesh and bone, his whole persona was a perfect reflection of a belief in a better world. V stood for a cause and in doing so brought a chaotic totalitarian nation to anarchy and back to an existence worth believing and fighting for. He did what those before him weren't strong enough or fearless enough to do. His methods were less than conventional but creative and more than effective, they were a way of life.

That's how the world outside these walls and beyond these boarders will remember the man in the mask. He who fought against and returned a nation and its government back to its people.

Evey smiled a sad and hurtful smile, everynight she dreamed of him and replayed the night she watched him walk away a man on a mission and return a man on his deathbed. If only there were more she could have done for him, a way to save him in those final minutes. standing there outside the traincar her eyes deceived her as she thought she saw thr body of their saviour move, but alass it was all a simple dream. V was gone and with that a part of her heart and soul. He had created her and taught her to be free of fear and now the only fear she felt was that of returning to his house and life and bed alone.

Evey looked back over her shoulder towards the door to his mansion, V had surprised her the night of his revolution. He had given her all he was, all he'd created and all he'd dreamed of his entire existence.

A single tear escaped her eyes, every time she thought about the entire situation her heart broke a little more. She wrapped her arms around herself looking for comfort in one of his black cloaks; it had his familiar scent of leather and cologne locked inside the threads forever. She glanced one more time up at the sky and slowly started making her way back to the elevator.

When the elevator hit the bottom floor she stepped out taking a few steps in the direction of the bedroom, she stopped suddenly and headed to the jukebox. She stood there staring at the glass blindly, lost in her own personal thoughts. Her fingers nimbly moved over the buttons for their song, the one and only song they ever danced to, a simple request he asked of her. And they danced, slowly moving to the sweet melody, both secretly wishing the song would go on forever. Evey had hated herself for not coming back to him sooner; but she had been afraid. Afraid of what was to become of that fateful night, afraid of what would happen to him but first and foremost the feelings she'd gained for V. She wasn't afraid for herself, he'd helped her get past that but she was afraid of the intense fear she felt about the chance of loosing him. The whole time she had been on her own there was always that feeling the sense of peace knowing where he was and that for the most part he was safe.

As the final note ended she was brought out of her thoughts, she looked around the room and sighed. It was almost like she had felt him enter the room, but alas it was only a heartfelt wish and her senses playing games with her.

Evey's head turned back towards the bedroom and made her way slowly, time passed by so terribly slow these days. It was funny how a single year could have flown by so quickly and now even a day seemed to last a life time. She decided to try to sleep, even though even that was hard to come by still. Every night she relived that horrible night, holding him in her arms as he lay bleeding, gasping for breath and in his final minutes confessed what she had secretly pleaded to hear. 'He loved me.' That thought brought on fresh tears, she lived that night over and over again in her dreams. Every night she saved him, she convinced him not to go, anything that would keep him alive and in her arms. But every morning she'd wake, sad, cold and alone in a large empty bed inside the large lonesome house that offered nothing but memories.

Evey crawled into bed wrapping the covers around her like a mother would swaddle her infant; the warmth reminded her of the safety of his arms. Over and over again she tossed and turned, finally crying herself to sleep an hour later, drifting off to haunted dreams of the man she missed so much.

Evey had barely gotten to sleep when the faint sound of music caused her to stir, her eyes fluttered for a few moments until she was entirely sure she wasn't dreaming. She sat up quickly in bed and looked around, she was still in bed and everything was as it was when she fell asleep. "Music?" She grabbed one of V's daggers she kept under her pillow for protection and climbed out the bed. Softly, she padded out of the room and down the hallway towards the living room where his jukebox was located. Evey peaked her head around the corner but could not see the middle of the room, tightening her grip on the dagger she cautiously stepped out from hiding in the hallway to the living room.

The clatter of the dagger to the floor startled the being at the jukebox causing him to turn around; Evey's eyes went wide as she starred at the man she'd dreamed about since that fateful night. V stood before her, dressed in his patented all black ensemble, his back now to the jukebox. What sounded like a silent prayer she heard him whisper, "Evey...."

Evey's lower lip quivered as she tried to take deep breaths, afraid this was all a dream, 'No, a nightmare,' she thought. Her entire body threatened to give way as she starred at him, she started to shake and felt light headed as her legs became incredibly weak. Before her body could touch the floor strong arms surrounded her and lifted her up into his tight embrace carrying her to the couch. "V?" she whispered before she succumbed to darkness.

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