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Translucent Beauty

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A short set of entries by Window in his search for the perfect stained-glass window. Absolutely ridiculous.

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Oh how the clear substance calls to me, asking to be molded into seamless shapes, color etched along this portion, and clear crystal along that. Oh how you shimmer in the midday sun, casting patterns across the ground. The patterns draw whispers and love from all, patterns that would be nothing without you. Someday... Someday I will gain the color you require, my beautiful pane-glass!
-Window, five days in

Beautiful windows, let me mold you into delicate shapes, setting you into perfect positions. Shift and mold to my whims, do as I see and glow with the colors of sunset. I will try this dye I have made. It is a perfect paste, and it should collect well with the heated glass.
-Window, ten days in

Oh! What a tragedy! This window has lost its translucent beauty, the red dye smearing and creating a blotch across its surface. What sin have I done! I must repent, somehow...
-Window, eleven days in

I have worked diligently, eating and sleeping only when on the point of collapse. Now... Now I have made the perfect dye... The color of golden sunset, a liquid dye that is pale but still brilliant. It must work, it must!
-Window, twenty-two days in

How can anyone injure the glorified beauty of the window? A rock, what an obscene object. It was nearly complete... Nearly finished... And then... And then they destroyed it. My wings! My muse! My beautiful window! Oh you were almost complete... Just to be cut and set! Oh how they will pay...
-Window, twenty-three days in

I have obtained my revenge. With the soul and remains of my glorious muse... With those I have beaten down my enemies. Oh how they fled, learning the true majesty of the thing they destroyed. Now everything can be completed.
-Window, thirty-four days in

I have made a beautiful window... The color is that of the waning moonlight, mirrored by the dawn colored fragrance of its sister. They are beautiful... My perfect pane-glass... You are complete. Everyone awes at your splendor. How is it to be well loved, my muse and infinite love?
-Window, upon completion fifty-five days in

coughs Umm, yeah. It's Window. Fear his creepy obsession and cute little top hat.
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