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D had lost his temper. Again.

Category: Pet Shop of Horrors - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Count D, Leon - Published: 2007-01-14 - Updated: 2007-01-14 - 185 words

Leon stared at him, eyes wide. One hand drifted up and touched the cut on his cheek. The fingers came away bloody and smelling of cold tea. Leon held them in front of his face, but never looked away from D's face. The remains of the tea cup lay at his feet, rainbows sliding up and down the inner curve.

D blinked, shocked at himself, and clasped his hands before him to prevent them grabbing something else. "Go. You wanted to leave. Go. Get out of my sight." His voice sounded normal enough, but there was a slight tremor instead of the venom he intended.

Leon didn't move for endless seconds. Finally, he stepped away from the door, still wide eyed and stunned. "And have you throw things at me again? No thanks."

Porcelain crunches under Leon's foot - the rainbows flatten out and disappear. Suddenly, D's overwhelmed by the urge to laugh, to scream, to grab the detective and do something - anything - to make him look away.

"Very well, Detective," he says quietly - barely louder than a whisper. "Shall I pour you some more tea?"
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