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Watch the Birdie!

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This is my first HAPPY story!! *laughs* Seriously, completely happy and hyper randomness and chaos ensured! And a lot of taking the mick...[includes AFI, Fall out Boy, Adam Lazzara and Panic! At th...

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A/N: Okay this is a random, nonsense and WONDERFUL story about our friends in different bands who we happen to LOVE so don't read unless you're either a HAPPY person or just plain HYPER! And the beginning of this was written by me and half of the last bits by my best friend the Edible Aiden Faerie and the other half my moi. Enjoy!

Warning: Please don't take offence at our story if you are a. an emo (I think I am too, didn't mean any of it) b. a vegan cheese (we all know Davey's taking something) or c. a Spencer Smith adorer (His hair rocks) Yeah it's all nonsense and my mom reckons I'm now on something. Have fun.

Disclaimer: ME owns MY hyperness but NOT anyone in THIS story.

Chapter 93.6
Vegan Cheeses...Cheesi...Choose

Frank was bored. In fact bored wasn't the word he'd use but the word he used is pages long and hard to pronounce...because he needed something to do so I'm not gonna try and say it. He was sooooo bored he had decided to listen to Kelly Clarkson...because Gerard had nicked all of his other CDs. Just as he got to word 39 in 'Since U Been Gone' (cos he was counting) Adam Lazzara wandered in.
"Hey Frankie! What you listening to?" Adam asked, plonking himself down on the bright yellow sofa.
Frank turned around and shoved the CD under Adam's nose "The 57 word of 'Since U Been Gone'" he told him...then got confused because by the time he'd finished saying it the CD was on the 87th word.
Adam screwed his nose up but nodded anyway "But Frankie...why?" He asked, sounding like a small, fluffy, lost sheep. Awwww.
"Because Gee has all my CDs." Frank sighed and went back to sitting on the purple carpet with his legs crossed and counting the words in 'Since U Been Gone'.
Adam nodded and decided that was good enough before standing up and disappearing into a puff of bright green and pink pok-a-dot smoke with a slight poofing sound...because Adam Lazzara can do that.


Far away in Canada where there are bears and ducks and SNOW Gerard was listening to all of Frank's CDs. So far he'd been listening for 3 hours and he was beginning to get cold because he was in a small, cardboard box with no heating (obviously) and it was winter in Canada. So he flicked a switch in the side of the box and it appeared in Las Vegas, which was, of course, a lot warmer than Canada had been because it was further away from the pole and scientific stuff like that which gave Gerard a headache.
So it just happened that as Gerard and his card box appeared in a random street in Las Vegas, Brendon Urie and the guys from Panic! At the Disco drove down that very street in their giant sky blue garbage truck. Gerard popped his head out of the cardboard box and looked up at them in time to see Brendon attempt to stop before he ran Gerard over and crash into a nearby house. Seconds later a rather bedraggled Ryan Ross jumped out of the back of the truck, pulling Spencer's arm with him.
"Damn it Jon!" He yelled into the back of the vehicle "Spencer's arm came off again!"
Jon poked his head out of the rather twisted back doors and sighed down at the wires trailing from the splintered metal end of what had been Spencer's arm. "Oh well, Brendy'll fix it. I s'pose I'd ought to go turn him off." Seconds later there was a muffled squeak from inside the truck and Jon popped his head back out.
Ryan was half way down the road at this point and had completely forgotten about poor Brendon, who was trapped in the rubble of the house and the truck because he had found a rather interesting cardboard box with Gerard inside...that played Smashing Pumpkins.
"Wow!" Ryan exclaimed "A cardboard box with Gerard Way's head on top that plays Smashing Pumpkins!" Yes dummy I already said that sighs you just can't get the staff these days...Oh story sos...
Gerard looked around at him in surprise "Wow!" He yelled "A guy with emo hair!"
Ryan Ross looked insulted and stared at Gerard, who was busy detaching himself from the box then moving it onto the sidewalk. "Well you have..." He said and then ran out of words for the wonderfulness that is Gerard Way's long, black hair.
"I have what?" Gerard asked, looking confused and making half of the fangirls in the world melt into a puddle of loving goo.
Then as half the world melted, down the road skipped a bunnie...a pink fluffy bunnie...a bunnie in the shape of Jade Puget...holding a scared looking Bob.


"You sure this is for vegans?" Ray asked worriedly as he turned a packet of tuna paste upside down in an attempt to read it better.
"Just put it in the damn trolley." Bob hissed, he was stressed; it had taken them two hours to get there and another half an hour waiting for some stupid old woman to pull out of her parking space. On top of this Ray had insisted on returning all the lost trolleys to their parking bays and then seeking out an assistant to make sure that all of the damn metal contraptions were given the correct amount of oil - honestly if only his afro adoring fan girls could see him now...but then again they'd probably just end up creating the NIFTPOCTT or the national institution for the prevention of cruelty to trolleys.
Just then Davey turned into the aisle, whispering lovingly to the trolley wheels.
Bob raised an eyebrow and then sighed in frustration "What the hell is with these vegetarians??" He muttered.
"Hey!" Davey yelled, making several people look around and mutter something about vegetarians to the confectionaries. "That's not nice! You'll hurt the dairy free cheese's feelings!" He scolded Bob, looking down at the funny looking blue cheese that was sitting contentedly in the trolley...if cheese can sit contentedly that is...
As Bob was contemplating the possibility that cheese could sit contentedly a large, funny, pink bunnie that looked strangely like Jade skipped down to where Bob was standing, holding a sign saying:

'Look! It's kill a Bob day'

Bob looked shocked and was about to summon the aid of the NSFTPOCTB (the national society for the prevention of cruelty (and general unfairness) to Bobs) but before he could even start to mutter 'Jelly fish' there was a weird pop, like a large bunnie being strangled and Bob disappeared...into almost thin air. The bunnie (who looked like Jade...freakily) began to scratch it's left ear with it's right foot but got confused and fell over into a heap of pink jelly on the floor.
Ray looked at where Bob had been, then at the puddle of jelly on the floor, then at Davey who was whispering comfortingly to the dairy free cheese before asking.
"So is tuna paste for vegans?"

In the meantime...

Mikey was sitting, traumatized outside one of Pete Wentz's numerous recording studios somewhere in Chicago. He figured he was probably lost and at the wrong one and was really wishing he'd brought Bob but then exactly why he was here anyway caught up with him and he began to wish he'd just sent Bob instead...
As Mikey was thinking about this Pete Wentz suddenly rushed past scattering papers and muttering something about Patrick and Nutella. Seconds later he dashed back out again and stood there grinning like Frank on crack cocaine...not that Frank had done crack cocaine...he was better than that...he'd done heroine instead.
"Ah, Mikey, Mikey, Mikey." If Mikey had been scared before he was pretty close to wetting himself right now. "Come in, sit down, have a chair, we're all friends here." Mikey highly doubted this and the picture of Pete on the back wall of the studio did little to boost his was the picture from the internet.
"Umm Pete...I love how you've decorated..." Mikey stuttered, attempting to sound friendly.
Pete motioned to a chair and Mikey hesitantly sat down, it was gonna take ages to wash his jeans clean. "So how is the band?" Pete asked, carefully adjusting himself in his chair.
"Umm..." Mikey mumbled "They're all good..."
"And Frankie?" Said Pete, slightly too curiously as he leaned forward in his chair. "I don't suppose his little wedding plans have been interrupted lately..." He asked hopefully.
Mikey looked uncomfortable "No...Frank's fine...and happily engaged." Mikey told him, slightly louder, hoping that he'd get the point.
"Well I suppose we'd better talk about why you're here." Pete began, a little miffed.
"Ummm yeah..." Mikey agreed, happy to get off the topic of Frank.
"Well as you know I currently own a wonderful record label with plenty of hopeful new talent already signed up..." Pete started proudly.
"Yeah you have three bands don't you?" Mikey butted in, earning himself a glare from Pete.
"Well...yeah but anyway I was just thinking to my...myself wouldn't we all be honoured if My Chemical Romance came and joined us." Pete grinned happily...scarily like Frank.
"But...but you're an EMO label..." Mikey said, sounding horrified and backing away slightly...which is difficult when you're sitting in a chair...against a brick wall...
"But you're an emo band!" Pete explained slowly, spelling out the syllables.
Mikey shrieked something about blasphemy before turning into a bright spotted green frog in a puff of yellow smoke. "Rib-bit." He exclaimed before turning back into Mikey...only slightly yellower.
Pete fortunately didn't notice Mikey's change to his usual form (so someone has to kiss him before they go out on stage...I thought everyone knew that) because he was far to preoccupied with 19-19-1985...umm sos wrong song...I meant his reflection in the large mirror that corner one of the walls. "So you wanna join or not?" He asked, partly to Mikey, partly to his reflection.
Mikey croaked accidentally and shook his head "No! You guys are like..." then he trailed off...not able to say what came next.
"What?" Pete asked, sounding confused and looking lovingly at the little picture of Frank he had unfolded from his pocket and hoping that Mikey didn't notice him talking to it.
"But...but we're like...well Gee says we're NEO DEATH so we can' would look...screwed..." Mikey stammered...trying again to back away and managing to fall off the chair.
"But Mikey, Mikey, Mikey." Pete told him, coming over and helping him up before putting an arm around his shoulders. "You shouldn't let your annoying, insensitive older brother rule your life, you should go your own way, make your own decisions!" Pete explained, sounding scarily like the witch out of the Wizard of Oz...not that Mikey watched the Wizard of Oz of course.
"But...but I'm kinda useless on my own...I'm like Bob..." Mikey started and then felt extremely sorry for Bob and changed it to Ray instead.
"But Mikey, think of the fame, the glory that could come from leading a band like MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE! Join the dark side and all of this..." Pete trailed off as he realised what he said.
Mikey looked horrified and threw Pete's arm from around his shoulders before running to the door and yelling "I'll never join you!"

And then found the door was locked.

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