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Moments at the Temples of the Fayth

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Little peaceful moments at the Temples of the Fayth. Yeah, peaceful...

Category: Final Fantasy X - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Auron, Tidus, Yuna - Published: 2007-01-14 - Updated: 2007-01-14 - 167 words - Complete

Note: This is based on something I actually saw on my game. I haven't a clue whether anyone else noticed it, but it was there!

"Look," Yuna whispered, laughter hiding in her voice and in her eyes, making Tidus smile before he even saw what she wanted him to look at.

Djose Temple was full of... Well, they were green, furry, and looked kinda like a cross between a cat and a monkey. Whatever they were, they were everywhere. Especially around Auron.

The one eyed man was trying to lean against the wall in his usual man-of-mystery pose, but it was kinda hard to look mysterious when there was a small green monkey-thing jumping up and down and tugging at his trouser legs. Auron appeared to be rather determinedly ignoring them, choosing instead to glare at Tidus as though daring him to laugh.

Tidus looked at Yuna. Yuna looked at Tidus. Then they both turned away, struggling to keep their faces straight, and went to show Wakka.
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