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Dawn of a New Rise

by ThunderStar 1 review

It's now or never. Delve into the heart of ThunderClan camp, and follow Shimmerpaw, Stormpaw, and others on their way to becoming warriors. But misguidance and treachery cause unneccessary conflict...

Category: Warriors - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Romance - Published: 2007-01-14 - Updated: 2007-01-15 - 187 words


For many moons, the season of leafbare had brought death and poverty to the once proud ThunderClan.
But in the nursery, congrats were being offered.
SilentStar's mate, Swiftwind, had given birth to a litter of five. One survived death's grasp.
Swiftwind licked the kit gently.
"My brave little hero," She murmured.
"You are my precious."

Not three days passed before another litter was born. But sadly, yet only one kit survived.
"This season will be the death of us all!" A queen yowled angrily, tail lashing.
The new mother snuggled up to her kit.
"While Silverpelt shines above my head, there is hope..." Ashrose purred, cuddling the small kit next to her.
"So many kits lost. So few survived."
The queens fell silent, studying the survivors.
One silvery white tom.
One black and gold she-cat.
One deep, sooty gray tom.
A white she-cat with light tan paws.
"They will be our future warriors." GoldenFur meowed. "In our despair, they are our faith. They are our kits."
No words were said more. Four mothers curled against one small kit.
The moon glinted across the snow outside.
It begins.
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