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A Changing of the Guard (The Leave-taking)

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A poem based on LOTR depicting the departure of the elves. This song is based on a tune called Fields of Gold. You can find it at

Category: Lord of the Rings - Rating: G - Genres: Angst, Drama, Fantasy - Characters: Other - Published: 2007-01-15 - Updated: 2007-01-15 - 248 words - Complete



Across the Sylvan plains,
Through the Golden Woods,
The water trickles sweetly.
Grasses in the wind,
Leaves shake in the trees,
Whispers sounds repeatedly.

The sun shines so bright,
The rain falls so cool,
Refreshing all the earth.
It restores the life,
Brings it back again,
The miracle of birth.

Birds fly in the sky,
Horses run the plains,
The pulse runs through the land.
Darkness known so long,
Now but memory,
Disappeared like shifting sand.

An age now has gone.
The time now arrived,
A changing of the guard.
The transient trudge towards home.
The native hold their breath,
The leaving found too hard.

For there is still much for them to do.
They find many reasons to tarry.
The pull of the land is much
Too great,
They hesitate.
They will not leave,
They hesitate.

Choices mulled and made.
Lines of decision drawn.
Divide who stay and go.
Shattered lives are left.
Chaff across the land.
The bitterness is all they know.

The guardians will remain.
Let them who will go forth,
They never really were here.
A stepping-stone until
They returned back home,
Wave goodbye and shed a tear.

Understanding not
The driving force behind
The ones who feel they must leave.
Those who choose to stay
Never will forget,
An endless lifetime left to grieve.

Waves crash on the sand.
Wind whips through the hair.
The voices rise in song.
Without backward thought,
For who would remain,
They only know for what they long.

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