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Pocket Full Of Posies

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[[this is a hawthorne heights fanfiction]] funny how coffee can bring people together. a boring day at starbucks turns into something unexpected...

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I was just sitting there, in a comfy chair in the back of starbucks. i was on break. It wasn't really busy that day,sort of slow actually. As I flipped throught the pages of my magazine brought form home,I glanced at the clock.I had five more minutes of my break. Tara, my coworker had disappeared somewhere, and because our manager hadn't been there all day, it was just the two of us.I glanced at the clock again.My five minutes was done.I grumbled as I got up and tossed my magazine aside.I forced myself to get behind the counter.grr.I needed caffiene,so I went back to the fridge and grabbed a soda. On my way back, I noticed this really oddly dressed guy come in through the door. He was dressed in a huge hoodie and ginormous sunglasses and a baseball cap. And he had bright yellow shoes. Trust me when I said bright yellow, I mean they were like lemonheads. He finally made his way to the counter.
"May I help you ?", I said half laughing.
"Uhh, yeah. One vanilla bean blended creme frappicino with a chocolate shot, please."
"What?", he said.
"That's my favorite here, right down to the chocolate.weird."
"That is weird.",he said.
I walked away to make his coffee as he looked at one of the cds on display.
" That's gonna be $2.88.",I said while handing him his drink.
" Thanks."
He put the money down and grabbed his coffee.
I noticed then that the place was empty except for me and him.
"What's your name?", I said before he could get away.
"J.T., nice to meet you, what's yours?"
" Celeste, and likewise."
"Do you mind if I hang here for a while?"
"No, not at all it's pretty much just me here."
"Okay, thanks."
He took a sip and sat down where I sat earlier. J.T. saw my magazine and picked it up from where i had tossed it. he set it on his lap and removed his hat, hood, and sunglasses. he attempted to smooth out his hair as he flipped mindlessly through the pages. I was wiping down the counter when i got a really good look at J.T. oh my god, he was gorgeous. dark brown eyes, dark chocolate shaggy hair. he smiled as he read something. J.T.'s smile was adorable. I caught myself staring at him. I quickly looked away. he looked at me.i looked back by accident. crap. I saw him close the magazine.
"Celeste Nicole Caine. So that's your full name?" he had read the subscription information.
"yeahh." i stopped cleaning.
" I like your name."
"When's your shift over?"
"In an hour." I walked over and bravely sat right across from him.
"oh, okay."
"just curious." I nodded.
" Can I ask you something?" i said.
"sure. shoot."
"Why the disguise?"
"Oh, that--" he paused to laugh.
"The name's Woodruff, J.T. Woodruff."
he shot up from his chair and made a handgun (literally).
J.T. started running around humming the 007 tune.I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe.he finally stopped and sat down.
"I'm such a dork,I'm sorry." he said laughing.
" No, it's fine. That was pretty interesting."
he ran his fingers through his hair.
"Why, thank you."
"Don't mention it." I smiled.
"Now, can I ask you something Ms.Caine?"
"Can I have your number?"
"Thank god I'm single" i thought.
I smiled again. I knew i was blushing.My face grew hot.
"Yeah." I grabbed a pen and a blank order sheet from my apron.
I wrote my name and number down,I felt him watching me as i wrote.
" That's my cell. I always answer."
i slid the piece of paper across the table. he put it his pocket.
" Okay, I'll call you."
" Okay."
After grabbing his disguise he headed for the trash can and then the door.with his back towards me headed out the door he said, "Bye, Nikki."
"it's Celeste." i said back.
" I know." the door shut.
Men are confusing. "Oh well." I thought to myself.
For the next 45 miuntes,barely anyone came in for coffee. I found myself wishing J.T. would call me. then I felt the pocket of my jeans vibrate as I was clocking out, I pulled
out my phone and sat down.
" You Have One New Text Message!!" it announced like a gameshow host.
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