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Falling Down The Steps

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OK A little self insertion never hurt anyone did it? and i also put my bff chelsea in it 2. Humor as Gerard falls down the steps and makes an ass out of himself.

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Tick-Tock. The clock ticked away and I was bored as hell. This wasn't fair. Why were my friend's busy? Suddenly the phone rang and I answered it with eagerness. "Hello?" "Hey Chels. It's Athina." "Oh hey 'Thina." I said happy to hear from my friend. "What's up?" "Well Frank's getting restless and he wants to go out tonight. Do you and Gerard want to go to the movies and dinner?" "Well Gee's taking a nap. I'll ask him and then call you back 'kay?" "Okay but hurry. I think I saw Frank with a knife. Bye." "See ya." Before I hung up the phone I heard her yell, "Frankie, baby, not the couch!!!!"

I scurried up to the room where Gerard and I call our own. He was snoring loudly and besides my dad he's the loudest snorer I've ever herd in my life. I smiled to myself as I saw his face. Innocent and sweet like a child. "Gee?" I asked quietly nudging him gently. "Wake up babe." He wasn't moving let alone waking up. I tried it again a couple times but to no avail. "Gerard?" Nothin. So I did what I had to do and poked him in the stomach making him scream and sit up so fast our heads bonked each other's. "Okay Miss Chelsea." he said rubbing his head. "Why did you wake me up?" "Athina called me and said that she and Frank wanted to go out for dinner and catch a movie and they invited us. Want to go?" "Sure I like Athina." I glared at him. "But not as much as you baby." he caught himself. I smiled and gave him a big long kiss. "Great! I'll call her back." He yawned and said "Yea you do that." He promptly fell back onto the pillow and fell asleep.

Later that night I was putting on my skull and crossbones earrings when I heard the door bell ring. "I'll get it!" I yelled and ran to the door. I opened it and saw my friend goin at it with her boyfriend. I smiled and shook my head. They were always doing this. "Ahem." They pulled away and she said, "He started it!!!" Pointing an accusing finger at Frank who just shrugged and said "Come on Theeneey you can't resist the Frank!" Athina laughed. "Your right baby." Turning to me she asked "Where's Gerard?" A yelp was heard and a huge thump was heard and there was Gerard, a crumpled heap on the ground. I ran to him. "Gee what happened?!?" He lifted his head up and said "I fell down the stairs." And then he promptly fainted. "Well I can tell you 1 thing," I said to Athina. "What?" "I don't think we'll be goin' anywhere tonight."

So we were all sitting in our living room watching Nightmare Before Christmas. Gerard's head on my shoulder holding a warm cloth to the bump on his forehead and Frank and Athina still making out.... oy they'll never learn. D:

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