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It's another escapey type story with a suggestion of something...

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Violet was sitting in the room, in the dark. She had her back against the wall, and she was rocking back and forth "not again" She mummbled "Not again". Her window was open and the wind was making her net curtains billow out as though they were possessed. Her eyes shone in the moonlight and the rivers of dried tears were visible. Then the silence that she had been eveloped in was broken. She could hear bangs from downstairs, he had woken up. "No, no not again, NO!" she shouted and in an instant she was blindly grabbing clothes, money, her phone and shoving them into a bag. Tears started spilling out of her eyes uncontrollably. She stopped for a second and listend. She could hear him stumbling up the stairs, calling her, taunting her "Oh Vi, come here my sweet where are you? Come on my little Viola let me play you again..." He laughed. She retched. Violet slung the bag on her back and made for the window. There was an apple tree near by, so she reached out to it and climbed down. As she reached the ground he entered her room. She heard a yell of anger and with that she ran. As she ran she could hear him "I'll get you! I swear I wiil. You'll never escape me. I'll find you, and whien I do we will have so much fun."
Tears streaming down her face she ignored the voice and ran. Ran into the darkness
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