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Electric Green Eyes

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Crazy people.....

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As I stood in the foyer, doctors and nurses rushed around; through doorways and up stairs. "Hello." I jumped and turned to see a small man wearing a tight fitting white coat. "You must be Mr. Patterson," he continued oblivious to my reaction. "I am Dr. Reynolds." He held out his hand to me which I took most politely. I notices that the back of his hand had a long scar running the length of it. "A pleasure to meet yoy," I replied, tearing my eyes away from the scar. "What is it you called me here for? Your letter was somewhat... vauge."
Dr Reynolds shifted uncomfortably "Well, we have... a patient and she is... well... a little different. We have never had a case like hers before and were wondering if you would be able to assist us. She is this way." With that he walked off up a granite staircase. For such a small person he could walk very fast and I was almost running to catch up with him.
At the top he walked straight at the wall which, to my astonishment flew open allowing both of us to pass through. We entered into the strangest passage way. Dr Reynolds lead me to a metal door. He removed a key from his pocket and inserted it in the lock. He directed me forwards, as I entered the room I heard the door lock behind me.
I looked around at the room I had entred. The walls were an uneasy white and everything was spotless. I noticed a girl sitting in the corner of the room. She had jet black hair and plae skin. She was dressed in complete black too. She looked up, her eyes were the most fantastic shade of green, almost electric. I was stunned by her beauty- paralysed.
Then like lightening she appeared by my side. All beauty had vanished and I could've sworn I saw a glint of silver. She began circling me like a bird of prey does just before it dives. It was unnerving. My senses had gone into overdrive, thats what she wanted, thats what she needed, I could feel it. The something cold rushed across my neck. I fell.

The last thing I saw was her Electric Green Eyes.
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