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Chapter 02

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Frank and Mikey meet

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"Hurry up Mikey!" Gerard yelled up the stairs.
"Mmm, I'm coming" I mumbled into my pillow.
I'm not much of a morning person, and new schools aren't exactly a big enough of a thrill to get me up.
I don't make friends easily. I make enemies. I'm too nerdy I guess. Glasses aren't exactly a 'cool' thing to wear.

At my old school I had one friend. His name was George. But when I told him I was moving he turned like everyone else. Against me.
So I guess it's just me against the World.
But hey, what's a guy to do?

I rolled over in my bed, trying to get up. But failing.
"MIKEY! GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW! YOU HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL!" Gerard practically screamed at me.
"I'M COMING ALRIGHT!" I yelled back. Climbing out of my nice warm bed and into the freezing cold of my room.
Gerard's like my only friend.
Apart from Mum and Dad, but they're never in so I don't see them much. So I guess they don't count. Also they're my parents, not friends.
Gerard's my best friend, as well as being my big brother.
I put on a pair of black skinny jeans and an Anthrax t-shirt, went downstairs and sat at the table.
"What do you want for breakfast Mike?" Gerard asked as he took a sip of his coffee.
"Err, toast and coffee" I mumbled, trying to go back to sleep with my head on the table.
Damn, I hate mornings.
"No problem kiddo."
"Mmhm" I yawned.

I was in no hurry to get to school and by the time I left I only had about 5 minutes to get there in a 15 minute walk. And I still had to go to the reception and get my timetable, books and other shit they give you on the first day.
"Ah, hello. You must be Michael Way" Beamed and overly happy old lady.
"Uh huh. Mikey" I replied quickly, not really wanting to stay long around this woman.
"I'm principle Wetherspoon." Oh joy! "I'll just go get your exercise books and time table and locker number. I'll be back in a jiffy"
And she scurried off to her office.
I looked around for a bit, looking at the students running down the hall to their classes. I'm glad I was in the reception, or they would have been running into me.
When Principle Wetherspoon returned she handed me lots of work books and a piece of paper with my timetable and locker number on.
"There you go. You locker is down there" She said pointing downs the right of the hall. "And you have science first which is down there" She pointed in the opposite direction. "Have fun."
I mumbled a "thanks" in response and started on my way down the hall, only to get knocked into about 10 times before I actually found my locked. The amount of times I had to bend down and pick a book up only to have the rest of them fall off. Nightmare. I put my books in my locker (except for science), pocketed my time table and headed off in the direction Wetherspoon pointed in.
I was about 20 minutes late to class and there was an outburst of whispers and giggles as I walked through the door.
"Hey! Look at his glasses!" Shouted one of the boys.
I tried to ignore him but I could feel my self confidence flying out of the window. I started shuffling from foot to foor, standing pigeon toed.
"You must be the new boy?" The teacher questioned.
"Yeah. Mikey."
"Well Mikey, welcome to Belleville High. I'm Professor Kirk. Take a seat there" He motioned to a seat infront of the guy who had shouted out at the beginning. "In front of Frank."

All through the lesson Frank and his friend, who I found out was called Bob, were throwing bits of paper at the back of my head.

After science I ran off in search of my next class. Literacy. Just great.
Then was break, which I sat by myself out in the grounds under a tall oak tree. Then I had art then Biology.

At lunch I went into the canteen and got my water out. I wasn't really hungry, and sat down at a table by myself. About 5 minutes into lunch I had a sandwich thrown at me. I turned round to see Frank, Bob and a guy with really big frizzy hair laughing. It doesn't take a genious to figure out who threw it.
"Oh man, that was funny." Laughed Bob.
"Yeah! Do it again" urged the frizzy haired boy.
How could Frank deny his friends entertainment? So he pelted another sandwich at my head.
Before I knew it, I could feel tears stinging my eyes. I tried to hold them back but eventually I just couldn't. Silent tears rolled down my cheeks. Damn, I've been an emotional wreck lately. Every time someone has done something mean to me I get all worked up over it.
I think Frank felt bad though. Through my blurry eyes I saw him playing with his thumbs under the table.
Why me? Why is it always me who ends up with no friends?
"Oh my God! Go you Frankie. You made him cry" Laughed Bob.
"Yeah! Awh is ickle Mikey said 'cause mean old Frankie threw a sandwich at you?" Ray joined in.
The whole canteen then started laughing too. I just burst out crying. I couldn't keep it silent. Everyone was being so horrible to me. It wasn't fair.

When I got home I walked through the door and went straight to my room, not even bothering taking my shoes off.
"How was your first day little Mike?" Gerard asked.
"Awful. Go away."
"Awh, Mikey. It can't have been that bad." Gerard said, walking through the door and sitting on my bed next to me.
"Everyone hates me Gee. They threw food at me" I started crying again, clinging onto my brother.
"Oh Mikey, shh it's okay." Gerard soothingly spoke, hugging me.
"No it's not okay, I'll never have friends again."
"Don't say that Mikey. You know it's not true." A more serious tone coming into Gerard's voice.
"Yes it is true Gerard! Why else would they all laugh and throw food at me?" I was hysterical by now, but I just couldn't help the fact that no one was ever going to accept me. No matter where I go, people will hate me. It's just not fair.
"Shh, Mikey calm down! You're better than them" Gerard cooed, wiping tears from my cheeks and pushing my hair from my red puffy eyes.
"It's not fair Gee!"
"I know Mikey. I know"
Gerard just sat there hugging me until I stopped crying and was eventually too worn out from crying and fell asleep.

The next day

The next day I dreaded going to school. I didn't want to get out of my bed, I didn't want to face Frank. Hell, I would definitly be staying out of Franks way.

When I got to scool I just stood out side starting at the doors, taking in deep breaths. The school was big. Long hallways, with a sickly yellow paint on the walls and a wooden floor. The classrooms were a bit bigger than the ones in my old school, with the same awful yellow paint as the hallways.

I walked into the school and went to find my locker. When I got there I saw Frank walking around the corner.
"Oh fuck." I mumbled under my breath and turned round and started heading in the other direction.
"Mikey! Wait!" It was Frank. What did he want now?
I turned around sharply.
"What do you want now? Come to throw more food at me?"
"No, I came to say sorry." Frank said, fiddling with his thumbs again. "I don't know why I did it. It's just Ray and Bob would have laughed at me."
"So instead you all laugh at me? That's hardly fair."
"I know, and I'm really sorry."
He sounded and looked genuinely sorry.

end flashback.
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