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The Robbery

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The day his parents were gunned down by a robber was the day Takato Matsuki stopped being a kid. He left his old life behind in Japan, even the Digimon. He wandered the streets a world away until...

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Masks and Monsters

Digimon Tamers/Teen Titans fusion
The day his parents were gunned down by a robber was the day Takato Matsuki stopped being a kid. He left his old life behind in Japan, even the Digimon. He wandered the streets a world away until he was found by an urban legend, the Dark Knight. The years went by and now he is a leader, but Robin's old life as Takato just can't stay dead.

Chapter One: The Robbery

Takato Matsuki had just gotten out of school and was busy making his way back to his parents' bread shop. Ms. Asaji still gives us too much homework, Takato thought as he raced through the streets of Shinjuku. He had to hurry and finish his homework so he could go see Guilmon without his parents having to ask him about it.

Takehiro Matsuki saw his son come running through the door. "Takato, where are you going?"

"I'm going to do homework, then I'm going to see Guilmon," Takato replied, swapping some bread, he prepared to run out the door when it opened and a man walked in.

"Nobody move!" he shouted. "Everybody on the floor!" Takato did has he was told and got down on his knees.

This can't be happening. Not to us. Takato shook with fear, he desperately wished Guilmon were there. He could use his Pyro Sphere attack on the man and knock his gun away. There was no way he could sneak out to get him. Maybe he could get to the alarm and use it to contact the police. The man turned away from Takato and focused his attention to his father.

"Okay, you, give me the money! Now!" the robber said. Takehiro calmly began to remove money from the cash register and put it into the bag Takato crawled over to the silent alarm and pulled it, just then, his mother saw him. Mie Matsuki quickly moved to block him, if the man saw Takao push the alarm, he might shoot him.

Takato pushed the button and the robber turned and stared. He spotted Mie and jumped to the conclusion that she had pulled the alarm.

"You!" he snarled, he gripped his gun and aimed, he then fired. There was a scream. And to Takato Matsuki, it was as if his heart screamed with her. He saw her fall and she landed near him.

"No! Mie!" Takehiro screamed. Another shot, and in a blink of an eye, he was gone too. Takato could only look at both his parents with tears streaming down his face. He couldn't believe it, five minutes ago there were alive, now they were dead.

Takato saw the man quickly grab the bag of money and sprinted out the door. Sirens wailed as half a dozen police cars surrounded the front entryway. The officers got out of their squad cars and pulled out their guns.

"Freeze! On your face now!" an officer shouted. The man opened fire with his gun. Six officers fired back and Takato saw the man fall. The robber was dead. It was over almost as soon as it began. The law had avenged his parents' murder, but there was still no peace. He had never felt more helpless in his life. He thought he could do something to stop him. All he had done was destroy the ones he loved. He vowed that he would never let anyone else get hurt because of him. He would stop criminals and find a way to fight them. He promised himself, for his parents.

The next day they buried his parents in the cemetery. Takato's friends and some of his teachers from Yodobashi Elementary came. After some final words were said, the crowd began to disperse. Takato felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see Mitsuo Yamaki staring down at him.

"Takato, I'm sorry about your loss," Yamaki said.

"Thank you, Mr. Yamaki," Takato replied.

"What are you going to do now?" he asked.

"I'm going to find a way to help others. I don't know how, but I will," Takato said.

"You're a strong boy, Matsuki Takato. Not many people can deal with what you're going through right now." Yamaki turned and left.

A few days later, he made his way to the Shinjuku Park where Guilmon was hold up in an empty hideaway. Guilmon came bounding out happily.

"Takato, are you okay?" he asked. He knew that his Tamer had lost his parents. He was the first to hear it from Takato who had come to him right after it had happened. Then he had told Henry and Rika what had happened. They all tried to comfort him as best they could. Takato stayed at Henry's house for a few days. Takao had spent his time packing his things.

Guilmon saw Takao's suitcase. "You're leaving?"

"Yes, I have to go. There are things that I have to do."

"What kind of things?" Rika asked.

"I have to find a way to help others. I can't do it here. I have to go."

"Is that the real reason you're leaving Goggle Head? Or are you running away from the grief?" Rika asked in a quiet voice. Normally she was very cutting and sarcastic. She knew that now was not the time to be harsh. She knew he had lost the people he loved. She knew how he felt because her parents had gotten a divorce. But it wasn't the same. Her father was still alive; his was not.

Guilmon stared sadly at his Tamer and said. "Takato, we'll play again, won't we?"

"Of course we will, Boy. I promise. We'll play after I find what I'm looking for." Takato patted the lizard-Digimon's head. "I promise."

"Good luck, Takato," Henry said, reassuringly. "I hope you find what you're looking for."

"Take care of yourself, Goggle Head," Rika said. She shook his hand, Takato smiled inwardly. That was typical Rika; she wasn't the type to hug anyone.

"Be careful, if you need us just call!" Terriermon shouted, perched atop Henry's shoulder. "Don't forget, Takato; Momentai!"

"I won't," Takato laughed. That was Henry and Terriermon's catchphrase. Momentai. Take it easy. Right now, it was very hard to take it easy. But he would try. He would try to move on with his life, as broken and chaotic as it was.

"Come back and see us soon, 'kay?" Kenta added.

"Yeah, I'll be bored playing Digimon with only Kenta," Kazu quipped. Kenta elbowed him as a result.

Takato smiled, he was going to miss his friends. His things were packed. He was going to the other side of the world. He hoped he would find what he was seeking in America. Maybe there was someone who could help him. He got into the taxi and had them take him to the Tokyo Airport. It would be the last time he would see his friends in Shinjuku.
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