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Yesterday's Feelings

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Maybe you were never meant to care? [Oneshot]

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Yesterday's Feelings

This is my last words and when you read them both of us will be dead. I not sorry I killed you and I'm not sorry I shot myself but I am sorry I ever met you. I won't say I poured my heart into these words and I could never tell you that I didn't. I won't say I don't love you and I could never say that I did. All I know for certain is that when you died you hated me but I loved you in my own way. I loved you as I slid the knife between your ribs and into your frozen heart. I didn't kill you - they murdered your heart long before I ever reached out to you for the last time. When I loved you, you were more than a shell - you were a person with ideas and morals that I believed in and I loved you and I worshipped you for what you did. Then the screams and the dark of depression began to ice your heart over; when your brother died only months ago your heart completely froze, not even having time to mourn or to break. Every morning I woke up beside you, your face was more ashen and the cuts around your wrists had multiplied. You weren't a human being anymore, you were a man, you weren't a singer, and you weren't a hero anymore. The papers said you were dying a rock star's death and I hated them for it - you weren't even worthy of that title, you were dying a cowards death and nothing more and nothing less.
So when I slipped the dagger into your broken body and I whispered that I loved you as your eyes glazed over you knew why I killed you and you didn't care.
Maybe you were never supposed to.


On the 17th of January 2008, Gerard Way was found murdered in his and his fiancé's appartment. Her death body was found lying next to him; she had been shot once in the head and had died instantly. They both died the day before their wedding.
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