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Bridget & Fall Out Boy in the same city!

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Bridget in NYC at the same time as Fall Out Boy. Review of the MTV Live Taping/Hammerstein Ballroom Concert. FOE Tour.

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someone reviewed and said I should put this up so I did. shrug

Fall Out Boy Day #1:

I woke up at 8 freaking a.m. in order to shower and throw on some crappy clothes so I could go get the haircut/dye I had scheduled last week, prior to learning that I could still get Hard Rock Cafe tickets. After I gained myself an emo set of bangs and the beginnings of an angled cut and some pretty brownish red locks I headed home to get dressed to go see Patrick. I mean Fall Out Boy.
Once at home I threw on my new pair of size 8 jeans (you have no idea how excited I am that these are 8's..anyone in college will know what I'm talking about) and debated between one of two clean shirts (its been a busy week). Applying my makeup took damn near an hour by itself. Sorry RyRo, the eyes were my thing first. And then finally at 12:00 I was ready to go. All I needed to still do was print out my confirmation email, grab some cash at the bank and drive over to my friend's to drop off my car (she coincidently lives across the street from the train station).
After printing out the email, I was heading out the door when I realized "uh-oh" my name isn't on here. Just my grandmothers. I unfortunatly have an AMEX and OCK's presale website would only take MasterCard and Visa, so I borrowed her card to get the tickets. I pick up the phone to call the HardRock figuring this wouldn't take too long and I would be on my way with plenty of time to still do what I needed to do and get a 1oclock train.
The lady at the HardRock then informs me that my grandmother has to be there to pick up the tickets, except my grandma is 80 and isn't taking an hour train ride into Manhattan from Massapequa to pick up tickets for me when she bitched at me in the first place for buying them. Apparently, I am chasing after a bunch of teenagers. I finally wound up hanging up on the woman on the phone and set about calling Artist Direct the ticketing company. They were shocked as well that HardRock (Here on referred to as HR) was giving me a run around. I told them "yes I'm shocked as well. I know how to fix this problem and even they don't."
You see, when I used to work at my college box office or whatever I was doing depending on the event, I had managerial pull and was able to make decisions regarding ticketing and who can go where, etc. For someone to call me a kid and basically imply I don't know what I'm talking about raised my hackles a little bit.
This went on for some time, eventually I wound up with: A copy of my grandmothers license proving we live at the same address, her credit card, a letter of release for the tickets, 2 copies of the confirmation email, and the guy who runs the NYC Office of Artist Directs cell phone number. Yup. Oh and thankfully I also recieved a txt from Miss Callan telling me her bus left an hour after we thought it was supposed to.
Good thing to, because by this time I couldn't get on the train til 2 anyway. I arrived in NYC at 3 and met Callan at Port Authority and headed over to figure out the tickets. I assumed I would be getting into a similar debate and I would just bust out Mark's phone number and fix things right quick. I wasn't on the list. I swear to god time ground to a halt for a second in my brain. All of a sudden 30 Seconds to Mars was too loud (HR music...) and everyone was crowding around me. Then things started up again and I thought I would rip someones head off. Thankfully I kept myself very calm and composed and eventually went to lunch with Callan because there would be more tickets upstairs in a half hour.
BBQ place. teeny sandwiches.
Back at the HR, still nothing. We get online. I go back a half hour later. Still nothing. I think you see where this is going.
Finally, its 6p.m. and doors are at 7:30, so I get online with everyone else and wait for a few minutes, finally I get up to the front and say to this dude in a green shirt who I figured just worked for the "venue" (the quotes are there cause it is NOT a real venue after the shit they pulled) and say "Hi I've been getting the run around all day" "Yea and I'm probably the guy whose been doing it. I'm sorry, what can I fix?"
So immediatly I think, 'ooo reasonable person'. I show him all my stuff and he goes "and you couldn't get tickets?" "they didn't want to even check for me at first, cause I couldn't pick them up" which he rolled his eyes at and then I explained what had happened earlier. Dude was LIVID. He checks the list and sees my name with 2 tickets next to it and goes "'re OCK right?" "yup" "yea you're DEFINITLY going to this show. Lemme see what I can do." Dude starts ripping into these people. Someone goes to call someone else and see 'what the problem was' and I turned to this guy and go "so do you work here or for the band?" and his response is "the band. and we normally play MUCH MORE ORGANIZED VENUES" he finished incredibly loudly so the guy behind the counter heard him. He yelled at a few more people for me, I got my tickets, and I still don't know who he is. But I love him. forever.
Ok, now that the "drama" is over and done with for the entire two days, thank god, I can get on with the show.
Got back on line and continued hanging out with Callan, Steph, and Jess (two girls we had met on the line behind us) until they finally started letting us into the HR. We piled in and looked around, our options were: 10 people deep in the middle of the stage, or 1st level balcony maybe 2 feet higher then the stage, and 10 feet from it. Guess which we picked? If you guessed floor you're wrong 'cause we aren't out of our minds. Now first we watched the little teenies squeal over Damien from Mtv. Lame. Seriously lame. Then we turned our attention to the door right next to us, 'cause when it opened, we saw The Fro. That's right, Trohman chillin with a beer on the other side of the door. That continued for a little bitty, then we see Travis. swoon He was just walking around in and out of backstage dragging his girlfriend around like she was on a leash. Although they both looked completely fucked up so yea that mighta been why.
Finallllllly Niko comes out. Niko is from Z100 (NY Radio station) and is one fine ass mofo, not gonna lie. He's also quite obnoxious as I have met him on several occasions. But this does not detract from the pretty. He chit-chatted with the crowd for a lil bit. and FINALLY Fall Out Boy comes out.
I couldn't for the life of me tell you their set list...even after hearing the same thing two days in a row. They did start with "Our Lawyer..." but after that I couldn't tell you what order they played things or exactly what they played 'cause I was on a total high just singing along to every fucking word that came out of that beautiful boys mouth. And lemme tell you that boy really does have a range like no mother fucker knows. wow.
As for the show itself, the MTV one was fairly low key. Smaller stage, Pete seemed to be calling it in. Patrick didn't miss a note and Joe was a freaking crazy man. Andy was just...Andy. The best thing is that they all sing every word along with Patrick. Its quite adorable.
Now for the highlight of the evening----Pete Secks. Well, Eye Sex. Callan and I are NOT crazy teeny fangirls in any way shape or form. Pete on more then one occasion came over to the side of the stage and looked directly AT us right in the eye. There was eye contact made with The Wentz. Like I said this show was much more low key, not much happened. Travis came out and screamed on Saturday. BFD. The real big deal of the night was I got to meet Miss Callan.
After the show the four of us went around the back and tried to meet FOB...and they peaced out into a van so fast you woulda missed it if you blinked. There was only like 50 people waiting too..and no one was flipping out or screaming either. I guess they were tired?
Other weird things: Stay Gold Dad: This dad who was rocking a Stay Gold hooide w/ a Decaydance shirt underneath. And is a bigger fall out boy fan then his kids. yup. I'm not sure if it was a little out there or incredibly cool.

Fall Out Boy Day #2:
I arrived at the Hammerstein at 2pm 'cause my mom held my ticket hostage until I vacummed. Can we all appreciate that I'm 23? Well she can't. Anyway, I got there and there were quite a few people on line already. I located Steph and jumped on line, 'cause quite frankly, I don't care. lol. We froze our asses off for the next few hours. At 3pm they forced us to stand up and squished us into the equivilant of a metal cage so that everyone was touching each other. Every seen cattle going to the slaughter? Yup. That'd be us.
6:15 rolls around and they actually let us in on time. Imagine that. Jess, Steph, and I ran for the barricade. Steph went for Patrick and Jess and I went for Pete's side 'cause there was less people. We were 2nd "row". Then came my future husband. gag This kid of about 16/17 years old BITCHING about fall out boy and how amazing lifetime is. Now I love Lifetime too, I think they're amazing. But I seriously wanted to JUMP this fucker.
Permanant Me. Umm...I think they were better before they were Permanant Me. They're from my town so I've seen them quite a few times before they were famous.
Lifetime was next. Lifetime will always be fucking amazing. They are brilliant. However, this is where the future husband comment comes in: I do pits. I can handle pits. What I can't handle is a kid behind me digging his elbows into my shoulders with the sole intention of lifting himself up. FUCK it hurt! Jess was like "'re squishing her." During Lifetime PeterPan proved what a dork he really is. He stood side stage where all the little teenies could see him and take pictures--and subsequently ignore the band (which kinda pissed me off). He played with his sidekick, applied chapstick, sang along, and played air bass..or maybe guitar. whichever it was it looked like he was miming jacking off. So I got a bit of a giggle out of that.
New Found Glory was next. I was slightly freaked out 'cause last time I saw NFG live I wound up getting kicked in the head and needing 3 stitches. This time I had managed to get myself and Jess to the barricade so we had something to hold onto and there was no way in hell I was giving up that spot before the show was over. NFG was surprisingly very entertaining. Maybe its cause I wasn't in the middle of the mess of people for once during one of their sets. Maybe its cause it wasn't at Warped. I dunno but they were really fucking good.
And then....20 minutes after NFG got done playing: Fall Out Boy came out.
Their intro music was Bon Jovi..and Patrick totally came out singing along to the lyrics. Everyone in the crowd had been singing so when I saw him doing the same thing I giggled like the little maniac that I am. They then busted into the same damn set list as the night before...right now to Pete's scripted little in between song speeches.
Once again during the show: Eye Sex was had. Pete Wentz stood directly in front of me (I was on his side) and like looked down and winked multiple times. I think I'm back to where I was when I was 19--head over heels in "love" with the Wentz. thud thud thud. Except his strumming of his bass still bugs the shit out of me. Patrick is the most adorable person on the planet--crazy talented as well of course. Joe is still crazy. And Andy is still Andy. Poor guy is behind the drums sooo..I can't really get a "feel" for him.
Highlights of this evening:
-Pete's speech right before "I slept with someone...", this was the only difference from Monday's show. They did the circle pit then too but he didn't make as big of a deal out of it: "So guys, on each stop of the tour we try and get you to start a circle pit. And I've finally realized you don't know what it is." (HA! teenies) "So we brought in a ringer mosher from Upstate NY to help you all out. Come on out here. guy walks out Go on...get down there. OH! I almost forgot---guys, he's a Red Sox fan." I cracked up. 'cause everyone in the room starting booing the SHIT out of this dude. You do not tell a bunch of teenagers from NY that a guy your gonna circle pit with is a Red Sox fan. Yankees Forever!
-Patrick singing Thriller. Hell, Patrick singing in general.
-Eye sex.
-Dancing it up like crazy with Jess 'cause for once I had someone at a show with me who likes my music too.

I'm sure there was way more stuff to talk about. But everything is kind of a blur. Its just the overall experience that screams at me. I can't wait for the Honda Civic tour 'cause now that I'm OCK I'm so going to be going to more then one show if it kills me. Now all I need to do is meet them and get Peter Pan my resume....hmm...
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