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Lying is the Most Fun a Girl can Have Without Taking her Clothes Off

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just some secrets are meant to be told, but at what cost

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Leave Lovers Dead in Ditches
Chapter Twenty-eight
Lying is the Most Fun a Girl can have Without Taking her Clothes Off
"Let's get these teen hearts beating faster, faster."

I was in a different world when I collapsed. It was a vision of black and white with pretty women, and gentle men. This was how I always pictured the perfect life. Somehow I knew then this is what fairy tales were. They were just pigments of imaginations. It was just images of your memories with different characters, and more scenes, each more beautiful than the next.
It was better then real life, but I liked my real life. I wanted to get back there, back to my daughter, back to Pete, back to my band. I wanted my old life back.
I was supposing Pete was getting the news. It was my deadliest secret. The one I had been keeping for what seemed like forever. The one no one but my family knew about. It was a disease, one that crept like a dragon up your spin, and settled in the base of your neck tormenting you. Tell them. You must tell them. It whispered this over and over. Its black breath crawled over my skin.
Of course I had considered the consequences of not telling them, and of telling them, and I just decided not to. It was my secret. If I wanted to keep it then that was my choice. Of course my mother knew, and asked me if I would ever tell Pete, and of course I said I would consider it.
I never did, and now he would find out the hard way. Damn you self. Damn how stubborn you can be. You just fucked up big. Dear Juliet, help me through this, because my fate is death.

A/N: Okay just a fill chapter. I hope you guys like it. I kind of used some poetic way of describing, yet hiding what is wrong with Natalie. The next chapter should be up by next week. It depends on if I have time. Love you guys.
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