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And all of what I feel I could show you tonight

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A Patrick one-shot. It's sex, so read at your own risk. Please review and enjoy!

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"And all of what I feel I could show you tonight" by getupngo

You don't mean nothing at all to me
But, you got what it takes to set me free
Oh you could mean everything to me

Patrick spots you from across the room; it was truly a blinding experience. After the heartache of his past regrets, he wasn't sure that this was entirely possible. Your boots come halfway up your calves, and your jeans hug the skin of your legs. He could see a little bit of skin sticking out from under your tank top and admired your curves. Your light brown hair shimmered under the hot lights of the room, the bottom of your hair grazing the middle of your back. He felt himself smile as you laugh and knew that one thing had to be done.

As he strode across the room away from his friends, he felt confident. But the closer he gets to you, the more he feels like this wasn't like him. His confident attitude began to plummet and he shyly slid his hands into the pockets of his hoodie. The closer he gets to you, the more he feels a list of negative things; he feels short, he feels fat, and he feels ridiculous.

You are so nervous. You had never had an opportunity like this one before and you weren't sure how to be acting. You struck up a conversation with a girl who looked like she belonged there. You were feeling a little unconfident, but used your usual attitude for a way to act as though you knew what you were doing.

The girl excuses herself from the conversation and leaves you standing there, feeling out of place once again. You turn to see who else you could possibly talk to and were met with a gorgeous pair of green eyes. You feel your breath get caught in your throat. It was him; the man you had embarrassing dreams about and the man who could make you lust with just the sound of his voice.

Patrick cleared his throat. You were so beautiful; he wasn't sure what to say. He felt like words weren't really available at this moment.

"Hi," you manage to breathe out. He smiles at you. In the middle of all these people, he felt alone with you. He feels shielded from the rest of the world, he feels like the two of you were the only people left. He watches as your eyes began to sparkle. God, he missed seeing that in a girl.

You don't know what came over you, but you find yourself leaning forward and whispering "let's go out of here," into his ear. Patrick tries hard to fight a sly smile, but lets one play on his face anyway...

He leads you inside the hotel room, his palms sweating from the novelty of this situation. Doing this, outside of a committed relationship, was too foreign to him; he wasn't sure what was going through his mind. He let the door shut softly behind him and you gaze around the room. Aside from various articles of clothing strewn across the room that obviously belonged to your biggest idols, it was just another fancy hotel room occupied by some sloppy rock stars. You pull your eyes away from the mess and look at Patrick shyly. You had felt so positive until now, now you feel embarrassed and silly. You never wanted to just have sex with the lead singer, you wanted to know him, but you realize you had already extended the invitation and it was what he was expecting. You admire up close what you had always admired from afar, his body was hardly perfect but it was what drove you crazy over him. You can't stand the few feet of distance anymore and approach him cautiously.

Patrick felt red as he watches you scan the mess in the room; he really shouldn't have brought you here. But this beautiful creature had asked for this, and he wasn't going to say no to affection of any sort, he wanted to feel less lonely, if only for one night. He feels his pulse race as you turn to him, your hair whipping away from your bare shoulders, shimmering as it went. Your skin looked so smooth; he just wanted to caress you. You walk on, your eyes level with each other, and you stared at his lips for a moment before attempting to taste them.

Soft. The feeling on your lips pressed together was intoxicating, Patrick smelled of cologne and sweat. All of the feelings rushing to your panties. Patrick felt his breath quicken and sighed into your mouth. It had been too long since he had felt anything even remotely near the butterflies that currently took over his stomach. You reached back, rubbing the back of his neck and pulled him closer. He groaned softly has you pressed your hips to his, feeling his excitement between you. Patrick feels optimistic and reaches back to slide his fingers through your silky hair which smells amazing to him. Your lips taste so sweet, he never wanted to leave them, but you had other plans. You drop your bag on the closest table, freeing yourself to do as you please. You eye Patrick intently, trying to read him, making sure his signs and signals are telling you to continue.

Patrick ran his palms down his thighs, the eyes behind his glasses making sure that space was available to lay you down when the time came. One of the beds was completely clear and he kept his mind on it, starting to feel his knees shake. This was all too strange, but he knew he felt something real in the pit of stomach. Something real in the beating of his heart. This was no way to go about finding another girlfriend, but it was the best option he'd come across.

You smile to yourself as the nervousness spreads across Patrick's shy eyes. You adored him from the hat on his head to the sneakers on his feet, and desperately needed him to know this.

"Patrick?" you ask him softly. He nods, still not looking directly at you, but the mess in the room. You go to say something, but suddenly find all of your words are cheesy. All of the things forming in your head are worthless. Finally his eyes meet yours and you feel the worry melt away. Carefully, you stride in front of him and to the bed, where you sit on the edge, waiting for him to join you. Patrick clears his throat, this was really happening. You smile to yourself once again as you watch him approach you, sitting down beside you, looking like a toddler about to have his first peck on the cheek. You lean forward, taking his lips on yours once more, reveling in the feelings creeping up your spine. Patrick places his hand on your upper thigh and you moan quietly, suddenly forgetting who this man was to you and now concentrating on who he was becoming. You want to know him from the outside in, and tonight was the night you were going to begin.

Patrick was ready to move this forward; he places his hand on your neck and runs it down your collar bone and over your shoulder, making your whole body tingle. He moves away from your mouth and places his lips gently in the curve of your neck and moves the kisses upward. He trails them back down and across your collar bone to the other side of your neck. You aren't sure what to do, where to put your hands or anything. All you know is that this is one of the most intense feelings you've had in a long time. He slides his hand back up your arms and hooks his fingers around the straps of your tank top and gently pulls the straps away from your shoulders. He trails his kisses across your collar bone again, then takes them further and kisses first your right shoulder and then your left, caressing your bare skin as he goes.

You decide to place your hands on his chest, fisting the fabric of his shirt into your hands and pulling his body closer to you. You lean back as he keeps getting closer, until you are both lying together, side by side. Your lips find each other once more, the passion has grown and you can't keep your hands off of him. You knock his hat away, and then move your hand to the back of his head, gently trailing it to his face, rubbing his cheek as you continue your heated embrace.

Patrick slides his hand away from you shoulder and moves it to your stomach. You suck in your breath, his hands so close to your most intimate area makes you shiver once more. Gently, you can feel his hand sliding underneath your tank top, aiming for your breasts. You want him to touch you so bad. He pushes your face away from his and places his kisses on your neck again, moving them lower until his lips cross over the top of your breasts. You feel your hands start to shake, this was really happening, you weren't dreaming. You let your hands move on their own, you know that if you fight them, you will only make your nerves worse. They find themselves traveling around Patrick's belt, and you carefully move your hand lower, feeling his obvious arousal in your palm. You gasp suddenly, realizing now that your shirt is being peeled from your body. You push his hands away, not ready to get naked. You return your hand to his belt, undoing it with one hand, as well as slipping the zipper down on his hoodie. He pulls his hoodie off and takes a deep breath as you slide your hand inside his pants. He slides his hand into your pants as well, now able to feel your extreme arousal, playing with you as you kiss him hard on the lips. You weren't sure how long the both of you laid there, pleasuring each other and kissing each other all over your face and neck, but Patrick was close to coming, as you were and neither of you wanted this to end. You roll onto your back, as Patrick follows on top of you and you lean forward letting him pull your shirt over your head. You see Patrick's eyes quickly, they appear glazed over, a sense of pure lust coursing through his gaze. He leans forward and places kisses on you breasts, causing you to gasp out loud as he pleases you.

Your fingers start grazing his back, then suddenly scratching as he glides his left hand across your abdomen and to the belt on you jeans. You put your hands to the hem of his shirt, pulling it off as he moves down your body, tenderly kissing you all over your stomach. He sits up and grabs your left leg, dragging the zipper down on your boot, pulling it off and he repeats the motion on your right leg. He leans forward and kisses your stomach once more as he undoes your belt, opening the zipper and tugging your jeans away from your body. He places his hands on the inside of your thighs, gently pushing your legs apart. He leans down and kisses the inside of your left thigh, and then your right, repeatedly, his kisses getting dangerously close each time.

Finally you can't stand it anymore. You grab his fine hair and pull him to you, his tongue finally attaching to where you desired it to be the most. You moan and gasp out loud, quietly saying his name over and over.

"I can't stand it," he gasps out, moving his body above yours again. You know exactly what he means. He places himself at your entrance and you try to steady your head, the room is spinning now. Patrick's hurried breath on your neck is making you light-headed. He gently pushes himself in, grunting as he does so. You gasp loudly, the feeling of him stretching you is so new, and it's amazing to experience. He rests his head on your shoulder for a moment as he tries to catch his breath. Your nails are digging into his shoulders; you wait in anticipation for him to begin once more. This is all happening in slow motion, neither of your brains have the capacity to comprehend the existence of time at that exact moment. As Patrick composes himself, music fills his mind; it's the only thing that he is able to think of now when it comes to you. His muse, his inspiration.

He begins to slowly thrust in and out of you, both of you letting out sounds of ecstasy. Your skin begins to tingle underneath Patrick's body. You throw your head back, grasping at his hands on either side of your body, then at the sheets beneath you. You wish he could get closer to you, its not enough to feel him this way, you want him completely and wholly. You see sweat forming along his hairline, and you feel the perspiration on your body as well. You reach up and wrap your arms around his neck, watching his face as your orgasms begin to build. He kisses your ear, then warns you he is about to come. You nodded quickly, agreeing that it was almost time. He pushes in and out of you for another minute before slamming himself in hard, releasing his pleasure deep inside you as you grasp at his shoulders once more, burying your head in his neck, calling out his name.

Carefully, Patrick slid out of you and onto his side, still holding you tight as you both bathed in the immense glow. You turn your body to face him, pressing your lips together in a passionate, yet gentle kiss. You snuggled close to his body, never wanting to let go of this mutual feeling of pure lust that was quickly becoming the love of a lifetime...

From my body I can show you a place god knows
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