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It's over, it's done, it's not going to be updated. FINALLY!!!!!!!! This is the epilogue.

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Epilogue Disclaimer- I write sins. I write tragedies. What I can't write: the truth.

A/N- YES!! The last chapter of this story. Oh yeah. I'm happy. My next, you guys are going to like. (Hopefully.) It's going to be damn good. ANYway, look for it tomorrow or Friday. And remember, I have never edited or prewritten ANY of my stories. Not even this one. As I type, I am writing. Just so you know. Well, here's the epilogue of "The Aftermath". Finally. sighs in relief**

Gerard's funeral was on a Sunday morning. It was drizzling and the sky was dark. There was not one person in the entire cemetery not sobbing.

No one, besides me.

All I kept thinking was that it was too early. Gerard was still asleep; he'd never be able to wake up this early to make it. He'd be late.

But then, I'd remember that Gerard was already here. He was in that sleek black box, covered in roses and farewells. He was in that box slowly being lowered into the ground. He was in that box, and never coming out again.

Then, I got angry.

I was angry at Gerard for leaving the hospital and essentially committing suicide.

I was angry at Mikey, not only for breaking my arm and leaving me hospitalized, but for acting as if he was the only one who lost someone important. I don't care that they were brothers. Mikey wasn't the only one who lost Gerard. I lost him too.

I was angry at Donna and Donald Way for not coming to Gerard's funeral. Who the hell doesn't go to their own son's funeral? Especially when there are thousands of fans who never actually met the man surrounding the cemetery.

I was angry at Bob for breaking down and crying when I needed a shoulder to cry on.

I was angry at Ray for comforting Bob and not me.

I was angry at the thousands of fans crying for Gerard. They didn't know him, how can they cry? Why were they defiling this sacred ceremony with their idiotic hero worship?

I was angry at the priest for trying to make everyone cry. Gerard wants us happy. Why was he speaking in a monotone and telling us of all the bad times in his life. It should be happy. I kept telling myself that. It should be happy.

I was angry at the guests for pretending to care so much for my boyfriend. Gerard is mine. And now, he's dead.

But most of all, I was angry at Criss Manson for killing my baby.

No, not angry. Furious. Not even that. Words could not describe the emotions coursing through me.

I actually wanted to take someone's life, for the first time in my life. Not fake, "Urgh, I'm gonna kill him for that!" No.

This was revenge.

Gerard always loved the concept of revenge. He would love to know that I am going to avenge his death.

I didn't even notice that the crowds had started to disperse. I just noticed that the grave digger was starting to shovel the dirt back into the whole that now held a man who didn't deserve to die.

That's when I heard a loud scream.

I spun around, my eyes wide.

Mikey was pointing a shaking hand to the left of me, tears pouring down his cheeks.

Slowly, I followed Mikey's gaze and my breath caught in my throat.

Criss Manson.

The man I wanted to kill so badly was about to /kill me/.

I sucked in a deep breath and he smiled.

He smiled and cocked the gun in his hand.

He smiled, cocked the gun in his hand, and /pulled the trigger/.

Mikey let out a loud scream as the bullet crashed into my chest. From my chest a strange, freezing cold sensation flowed throughout my body, and the ground came up to meet me.

As my world went black, I heard three more gun-shots.

I guess I'll soon find out whether or not Bob, Mikey, and Ray will be joining me. I hope not. I don't want them dead.

A/N- Wow, that sucked. I'm really not happy with that. I just wanted it to be done, I'm sorry. This muse for my epic is killing me. As you can probably tell, I'm pretty excited. So, yeah. REVIEW!! And I hope you enjoyed "The Aftermath". I didn't. laughs manically stops, looks around, and sighs I'm such a loser...

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