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27. Her Love's Dying But She Keeps On Trying

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in which Patrick acts weird. In which Molly sets off two displays of fireworks.

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The Monday following the dance Molly arrived at school still puzzled over the final song the boys had played at the dance. The day drifted by slowly, it was the final week before Christmas vacation was starting and no one wanted to be in the building, teachers included.
"Hey" Molly started as she walked into the station lounge.
"Hey" was echoed from two voices, Elyse and Matt. Elyse was in the booth changed carts and Matt was eating his lunch on the couch. Looking around Molly finally spotted Patrick sitting with his headphones on at the desk staring out the window. Glancing curiously at Matt she was surprised when he shrugged and mouthed, "no idea." Shrugging to herself and assuming he was off in another Alli induced day dream Molly took out her lunch and started talking to Matt about the history test they had the next day, neither of them noticing the glances Patrick kept sending Molly out of the corner of his eye.
After school Molly was at her locker waiting for Elyse when Patrick walked up. Fiddleing with the brim of his hat he smiled at the younger girl.
"Umm...can I help you Patrick?" Molly finally asked after a few moments of watching his awkward shuffling.
"Oh. Right.Umm...Elyse got a phone call and she asked me to drive you home."
"Oh. Ok. Ready?" Molly responded.
"Yup. Let's go."
The two teens walked out of the building and headed for Patrick's car. As they pulled away from the school building Molly couldn't help but notice how awkard Patrick was being. Here was one of her best friends and he was acting like he didn't want to be in the same space as her. 'He probably caught one of Pete's moods.' Molly thought sourly. Once they reached her house Molly figured with the way he was acting that he would just drive off. So she was incredibly surprised when he parked and got out with her.
"Do you mind if I come in for a little bit. There was something I wanted to talk to you about."
"No. You can come in. That's fine." Molly said flippantly attempting to portay that she didn't care either way. At that sentence the two walked into the house and immediatly headed up the front stairs instead of going through the kitchen because they could both hear Molly's mother puttering around in there. After they arrived all the way upstairs in her room Molly decided to break the ice first.
"So whatsup?"
Patrick took a deep breath and stared at Molly without moving. Molly felt her heart start speeding up the longer he stared at her and as though he could hear her thoughts he turned around and walked over to her desk window and stood there staring out it. Molly's throat felt dry and she didn't want to attempt to say anything as she could tell that Patrick was gearing up to say, something. 'Please let it be what I think it is. Please let it be what I think it is.' Molly started chanting over and over in her head.
"I broke up with Allison." Patrick finally said simply. 'YES! SCORE!'
"oh Patrick, I'm so sorry." Molly managed to choke out verbally in what she hoped was a sincerely sympathetic voice.
"No you're not."
"Ok, I'm not. But that doesn't mean I don't want you happy." Molly said as she approached her friend. Placing a hand on his shoulder she turned him around to face her. Patrick looked up from his shoes and leaned back against her desk. He brought his arms up to hug his body like he did whenever he was trying to sheild himself from something and he just looked at her.
"Why are you happy Molly? Why can't you be upset that I broke up with my girlfriend?"
"Because she treated you crappy Patrick. That's why."
"You're lying to me."
"No I'm not. I just want you to be happy, and I have never seen you more miserable then when you were with that girl."
"You're still lying to me."
"GOD! What do you want to hear?"
"The truth." Patrick said simply still staring at the girl from across what Molly suddenly realized was a very short space. From where she was standing Molly could almost count every last lash on each of Patrick's eyes.
"The truth. He wants the truth." Molly muttered to herself and watched as Patrick slightly licked his lips. "Fuck it." She finally exclaimed and leaned forward to press her lips against his. Patrick stiffened for half a second before relaxing against her. Molly felt fireworks explode somewhere.
Kissing Patrick had made her fall in love all over again. His lips were way softer then a boy's lips had any right to be. As the seconds passed Molly slowly relaxed her lips against his and felt Patrick's mouth open ever so slightly as he deepened their kiss. Patrick's tounge softly entered her mouth as he attacked her lips with a passion she didn't know he had for anything other then music. Their lips danced together as though they were writing their own song right there at that moment.
The two teenagers, best friends, would be lovers, stood in Molly's bedroom, against her desk, the only contact between them their lips and tounges before Patrick slowly raised his arms to grasp Molly's shoulders, and push her away.
"Whoa. What was that?" He asked in shock.
"huh?" Molly said softly her eyes still half closed and her lips tingling from where they had just been thoroughly kissed.
"I said. What was that?"
"I'm pretty sure that's what people call a kiss. And I was enjoying it and I think you were too so come back here." Molly leaned forward again.
"NO!" Patrick replied as he stepped away from his friend.
"Uhh...did I miss read signals? You broke up with Allison. You wanted to know why I was happy about it."
"I didn't want you to KISS me." Patrick all but yelled at Molly sounding truly pissed off. Molly reeled back as though she had been slapped.
"Ok, then what did you want?"
"I wanted the truth."
"That IS the truth Patrick. I'm in LOVE with you. Sorry if you don't want to hear it." At Molly's statement Patrick stood there with an expression of pure shock on his face.
"No, you thought you were in love with me. But now you're over that. I heard you at the party. You said you were over that. We're friends now. Just friends."
"Oh, so you've added eavesdropping to your repetoire of talents huh?"
"Don't give me that. I can't loose you as a friend Molly. If we screw around that's what will happen."
"Who said anything about screwing around? I want to date you. Didn't you hear me. I'm in love with you."
"No you're not. Remember, love doesn't exist. You used to say that all the time back when you first moved here." Molly looked Patrick in the eyes as she formed her response to his statement.
"Yea, you're right I did. But if you look in the mirror you'll see the person who changed my mind." Patrick closed his eyes and turned around.
"I don't see you like that Molly."
"BULLSHIT! I was there for that kiss Patrick. You DO want me."
"No I don't." He said still facing her wall.
"Tell me to my face." She said with steel in her voice.
Patrick slowly turned around, taking five steps forward he grabbed her arms and pulled her right up to him. Their eyes met and as hot as his eyes had been before now they were as cold as ice.
"I don't want you." Releasing his hold on her Patrick stepped back and started walking away.
"FINE! leave then. YOU COWARD!" Molly screamed after him. Picking up the nearest object to her she threw it down the stairs where it hit the door just as Patrick closed it. Molly fell to the floor sobbing as the shattering of glass set off another explosion inside of her.
On the other side of the door Patrick leaned back and closed his eyes. Running a hand over his face he exhaled the breath he had been holding.
"It's better this way. She'll be better off without someone like you." Patrick said to himself as he touched his lips slightly. "She deserves better then a wanna be rockstar." Patrick repeated to himself as he walked down the hall and out of the house. Reaching his car he thought back on the fight he had with Allison last night after he ended it. The blonde had dressed him up and down for breaking up with her, the words she had used to describe him still hurt like knives in his gut. Out of all the words that she had used however, overrated, had stuck out the most to him.
"She's right. I am overrated. Molly deserves someone who is going to do something with their lives. Someone who can take care of her and get her out of that crazy house, not someone who is going to try and become a musician." Patrick said to himself cynically as he pulled away from the curb. "This was the right decision."

A/N: changing it up a lil bit and ending on Patrick's POV. Or At least viewing what happened in Patrick's life instead of Molly's for once. (its all third POV so I guess its not Patrick's)
Title is from: "Walking Behind" by The Moffatts.

I'm back! and I wanna finish this by February 6th for the album release crosses fingers but since I just landed a job as an assistant to a music promoter..i might not have time to hit that goal :(
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