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The TARDIS reflects on choices made and wonders if they ever really had a choice. TARDIS 100 series. TARDIS POV. One shot.

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AN/ This drabble covers the first season and contains a spoiler for the end of the second season. TARDIS POV. Part of my TARDIS 100 series. I don't own Doctor Who. One Shot. Thanks to LilCosette for betaing once again. Hope you all enjoy.

Did you ever have a choice, my Doctor?

When it came to the Time War, when it came to destroying your home planet, did you have a choice?

You didn't have a choice when you regenerated. I remember you thinking, hoping, praying, that you would have that choice so that you could choose to say 'no.'

Then you to chose to stay on, to keep going. I told you at that time that as long as you kept going, I would keep going too.

You chose to save her life, a nineteen year old, blonde shopgirl named Rose Tyler. Then you decided to make her an offer of a lifetime.

She chose to say no.

And so you left. It would have ended there, but you chose to go back, or did I really chose for you? It's a mystery.

And this time she said yes.

From then on, she ended up making a lot of the decisions. She decided she wanted to see her father and you couldn't say no. She chose to break the rules, though she didn't intend to cause a paradox. That was the unfortunate result of her choice to change history and save her father.

You still had the final word when it came to many things though. You decided many of the locations we visited including Satellite Five, and it was ultimately your decision to kick Adam out. You also decided to allow Captain Jack in. Jack didn't have a choice. No one really does when your only options are being in your ship when it is about to explode and dancing with new friends. Death or life. No choice at all then.

Sometimes I had the final word when it came to where we went and what happened to you and your companions. For example, if I don't want to land in Napals in 1860, I'm not landing in Napals in 1860. Landing in London twelve months late wasn't a choice, it was a mistake I should be forgiven for. We all have our faults. After all, I managed to get you back in time for him to ask Rose to come with you again, didn't I?

But sometimes we don't have a choice. When Earth was under threat from the Daleks, you had the choice to turn and ran away, or stay, fight, and probably die.

You chose to stay.

You chose to send Rose home.

She chose to open me up, look into my heart, and come back to save you. When this happened, I didn't have a choice, but I didn't mind this time. I wanted to save you too.

You chose to save Rose. You knew that it would hurt you, kill you, make you regenerate, but you did it anyway. It was an easy choice to make. It wasn't a choice at all, really.

How many more choices won't you have? When it comes to saving me, how far will you go? When it comes to choosing between Rose and Earth, what will your decision be?

Life or death? Is there really a choice?
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