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Name Calling

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Gaara ponders on teamwork and the right partner for himself.

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Here's a little Naruto drabble I came up with in creative writing. All our stuff in that class has to be a page or less, so really a drabble is the only thing I can do. It's not really shounen-ai at all. . . but I choose to think of it that way since the GaaLee pairing really strikes a good chord in me. So, anyway, read on and I hope you enjoy my little contribution to the Naruto fanfiction world.

Name Calling

The best teams are able to compensate for each other's weaknesses. That's an obvious necessity and can be seen even in any successful geinin team. For example, the four geinin teams from Konoha that participated in the Chuunin Exam, especially since they all made it through the preliminaries. That shadow boy's team had him as brains, the large one to cover physical attacks, and the girl to take charge and give them an edge with her mind swap attack. Together they worked well, though once separated only shadow boy didn't fail.

Dog boy's team was fairly weak, him being overly confident and aggressive and the girl was pitiful with no confidence, but the bug kid was strong enough to pull a balance together. And Uzumaki Naruto's team worked well together, pulling through despite the pink-haired girl's weakness in attack, the brooding one's disability from Oorochimaru, and Uzumaki Naruto's lack of forethought. She became a defensive line while Oorochimaru's new pawn spurred Uzumaki on, with the blonde boy able to do the same for him. Lee's team was especially great together, a close-combat master, a weapons specialist and a bloodline technique able to stop chakra. Alone they are somewhat formidable, but together their weaknesses are almost none. . . at least for a geinin team.

I was placed in a team with my siblings, but that was mostly for them to try and control me if something went wrong. I have almost no weaknesses and really no need to work with any team mates. Somehow Uzumaki Naruto found a way to defeat me thanks to his summon, and Kimimarou pushed me to my very limits, but despite that I am still stronger than most any ninja thanks to my sand. My sand will protect me so I really never had need to find a team or partner to work with.

As it turns out, a partner found his way to me anyway. My sand attacks are mostly ranged and thanks to the defensive abilities of it my need for taijutsu is next to none so I do not focus my training on it. His attacks are all about getting in the opponents face and dazzling them with speed and harsh blows. Even injured he's a pleasure to watch. I'm almost ashamed I put that ability in danger. Almost. He bears no grudge and I enjoyed the fight immensely.

As a team, with him fully healed, we could be unstoppable. Close and ranged attacks together, we cover each other's needs, and I have enough sand to protect us both. I work fine alone, but fighting with him. . . it adds a spice I'd never experienced before.

Our compatibility in the combat zone was good, but not enough for me to decide on actually forming a partnership. I can cover my weakness on the field if necessary. The deciding factor was something entirely different. Uzumaki Naruto's names for us. "No-brow" and "Fuzzy-eyebrows".

It's a perfect match.
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