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The TARDIS contemplates being blue. TARDIS POV. Part of my TARDIS 100 seires. One shot.

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AN/ Set some time after the Time War, but has no spoilers for the 9th or 10th Doctor eras. Part of the TARDIS 100 series, so it's in the TARDIS POV. The BBC owns the Doctor and the TARDIS. Special thanks to Wikipedia and the ff.n dictionary. Thanks also to my beta, LilCosette.

For the other Karen.


I love being blue. I don't mean the emotion connected to the word; to be sad, to have the blues. To have someone whip out a harmonica or whatever and warble about their wife leaving them. No, I mean the colour. My disguise is a blue police telephone box from the 1950's. I can't change that now, but that's okay with me. I don't want to change. I'm a 'true blue' TARDIS, as it were.

Many beings across the universe consider blue to be a calming, soothing colour, associated with honesty, trustworthiness and stability. That suits me just fine. I like being calming and stable. I know that the sight of me is often a welcome relief, especially when the Doctor and his companions are running for their lives and I'm their only hope of survival. I could be wrong, but I like to think that maybe my blue colour is a part of that relief.

The only major exceptions to the colour blue representing honesty and all that are in the Deminnavy System, where blue is associated with sexual readiness, and the F.C. Cornflower Galaxy where blue is considered an extremely hostile colour. I tend to avoid the F.C. Cornflower Galaxy like the plague... but occasionally the Deminnavy System pops up on the 'ol radar.

The colour blue is also very unique, especially on Earth. It seldom occurs in nature. "But what about the sky and the ocean?" you may ask. The sky is only blue because the short, blue light rays are bouncing off particles in the atmosphere. The rest of the colour spectrum passes on through, so you don't see it. The ocean is blue because it's reflecting the sky.

A result of a lack of natural blue on Earth means that when I'm there, I tend to stand out. I'm unique, in more ways than one. Some may associate that with being aloof, remote or solo. After all, blue-blooded aristocrats were certainly often known for their aloofness. Blue is also certainly the coldest colour, often connected with frost and death, even indifference and superiority. I suppose being the last TARDIS and therefore one of the last examples of the mighty and wondrous Time Lord technology entitles me to a degree of pride. I am proud of my power. I may not work at a hundred percent anymore, but that does not mean you should ever underestimate me. Never let it be said that blue is a weak colour.

Blue is also associated with sorrow in at least one eighth of the universe. It's a melancholy colour. Time to drag out that harmonica and sing the blues. I have certainly known sorrow and loneliness. I am the last TARDIS, after all. At times like that, I like to be with the Doctor. We can sulk briefly and carry on together, as we have ever since the Time War. Then we go to the places in the universe where blue is celebrated and equals happiness and utter joy. Places like Auzure 156 where I'm lavished upon and seen as a sacred, holy object just because I'm blue.

Blue can be scary, blue can be sad, blue can be unhealthy, blue can be boring, but more often than not, blue is just plain good. It's cool, calm and collected. It works for the Doctor and it certainly works for me. Perhaps I should even have my own shade. 'TARDIS blue.' That sounds good.
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