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Come What May

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The TARDIS lands on a ship containing a refugee alien named Rehprom. The Doctor, Jack, and Rose agree to help her, and get caught in the results of an alien war. Set between 'The Doctor Dances' and...

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AN/ This is my first multi-chapter Doctor Who fic. The Doctor, TARDIS, Rose, Captain Jack and anything and everything related to them belong to the BBC. All of the Canads and Ricans belong to me. This fic takes place between 'The Doctor Dances' and 'Boom Town.' There's not a whole lot of Rose/Doctor in it, sorry to disappoint. It's mainly focused on my character Rehprom.

Just briefly, here's a guide to pronouncing my alien names in this chapter:

Rehprom: Ree-prom
Fejellilineiclea: Fee-gel-eh-line-ick-el-ah
Rican: Rye-can
Canadmanipegwinntoba: Can-add-man-eh-peg-win-toe-baa
Acro: Ack-row
Xaler: Zah-ler

Extra special thanks to LilCosette for being my beta on this fic. This story is also dedicated to her. Merci Bindi!


Rehprom Fejellilineiclea was desperate not to cry. Two years of being a Rican slave had taught her to be tough. She could still remember the day the Ricans invaded her planet, her beloved Canadmanipegwinntoba, and took her people as slaves. She had seen her parents die. The only family she had left was her brother, Acro. And then Xaler came into their lives.

A rogue tear slipped down her cheek as she lost the battle to keep her tears at bay. Xaler. Rehprom placed a hand on her slightly swollen stomach. "Will we ever see each other again?" she wondered. "Will we live to see our children grow up?"

Rehprom's hand moved down and began to wrestle with the wide, thick belt around her waist. More thoughts raced through her head. "I should have gone back for them." Another tear fell.

She, Acro and Xaler had planned an escape. Xaler had somehow organised for a small Rican ship, characterised by its red and blue paint and star-like shape, to be in for repairs. Really there was nothing wrong with it. Rehprom and Acro were pretending to fix it with Xaler guarding them. In fact they were preparing it for take off. It was a daring plan. If they were caught, they would have been made examples of in a most painful way. Despite the risk, they almost succeeded. But then something went horribly wrong. They were caught, just as the ship was ready to go. Rehprom had scampered inside while Acro and Xaler fought the Ricans, but they were overwhelmed. They shouted for her to go, before it was too late. And she did.

Now she was alone, drifting through space. On top of all that, she was pregnant, and she was sure she was the only one who knew. She knew she was much further along then she looked. This was due to her body reacting to stress and hiding the pregnancy as a way of protecting the babies growing inside. If she could relax for long enough, her stomach would fill out more. In a way, it was good that her body was instinctively hiding her condition. Rehprom shuddered to think what the Ricans would do to her and her babies if they ever found out.

Rehprom cried out in frustration, more tears spilling against her will down her face. The damn belt was not coming off! She tore at it with her nails, and then in desperation she grabbed a small knife off the console of the ship. This action flipped a small switch, and unbeknownst to her teary eyes, sent a signal out into space. Rehprom steadied her hand enough to carefully cut through the belt. It took longer then she thought it would and she had to force herself to be patient. When it was done the belt and the knife clattered to the floor, forgotten.

Rehprom sighed and unwrapped her long tail from around her waist. It was a Canad's most powerful weapon. Two meters long, flexible, prehensile, and able to hold two times her body weight. The Ricans forcibly restrained all Canads' tails around their waists. Rehprom closed her eyes and slowly stretched and flexed her tail, working out the stiffness and kinks. It felt good.

The Canad sighed again as another wave of tears threatened to become free, despite her best efforts to keep them back. She felt utterly hopeless. She had no idea how to drive a ship. All of the plans she had included Acro and Xaler being there to help her. Now what was she going to do?

A tone beeped on the console. Rehprom looked at it and swore. She didn't know how to fly a ship, but she knew enough to tell that another Rican ship was closing in on her. In a matter of minutes, they would catch up with the pirated ship. Rehprom swallowed. "Well, we tried our best," she thought, momentarily considering giving up.

Those thoughts were dashed in a second as a sudden a new sound filled the ship. It wasn't coming from her console. It was a whirring, rhythmic, mechanical pulse that was repeated over and over, getting louder and louder.

Rehprom panicked, her body filling with adrenaline. The sound was at its loudest just outside the control room. Rehprom pressed her body against the wall beside the door. If anyone was somehow coming onto the ship, this was the best place she could hide and stage an ambush should they walk into the control room. Rehprom wiped the moisture from her cheeks and said a prayer to whatever deity was listening for strength as the mechanical noise reached a crescendo and stopped. Flight was now longer an option, and she decided that she wasn't going to go down without a fight.


AN/ I'm going to do a reference guide throughout this fic after each chapter. Here are the references for this chapter:

Acro and Rehprom refer to my e-mail address: orca morpher. (Acro is orca spelled backwards and Rehprom is morpher spelled backwards.)

Xaler is relax spelled backwards.

Canadmanipegwinntoba is a mix of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, which is my home town.

Fejellilineiclea is a mix of the words feline and jellicle. (With an 'a' added on the end.) Not surprisingly, Cats is my favourite musical.
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