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Chapter 23:Somewhere Only We Know

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William shoes up for a brief moment.

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"How'd you sleep?" Kara asked, still in her pjs.

"Better, I didn't wake up." Lilee said.


"But I had the dream again."

"Oh no/"

"But it was longer. The dream finished. I didn't die and neither did the baby."

"Good." Kara gave a look of discus. "Lilee!" She yelled.


"You're pouring orange juice into your cereal."

"Yeah I know."


"I don't see why." She said. "I'm hungry."

Kara lifted an eyebrow. "Okay." She rolled her eyes.

"You want any?"

"Uh, no...I'm gonna leave and...puke."

"Sure, easy for you to say." Lilee mumbled.

Craving...they sucked. To be honest, cereal and o.j. was really bad. Lilee hated it.

Definition for cravings:Retarted stuff that you want to eat for no reason what so ever. Stuff? Because what you ate, could be anything.

The phone rang and sure enough Lilee picked it up.

"Hello?" She answered, peppy like.
"Hey Lilee."
"Daddy! How are you?"
"I'm fine, what about you?"
"How's everyone treating you?"
"Horrable, I'm getting threatened and beat."
There was silence.
"I'm just kidding over protective father of mine."
"Good, I would've murdered them."
"Everybody's treating me fine. Supportiveness!"
"Good, good. Can I tell you more good news?"
"I just LOVE good news."
"We're having a girl."
"How's Max and Chris taking it?"
"They're both one. They really have no clue."
She laughed. "I have to wait one more month to find out."
"One month is a few days."
"Well, I love you!"
"Love you too."

She hung up. 'A sister.' She thought. "How weird. I stayed an only child until I was 16...."


"Will's coming over." Jon said.

"Cool." Ryan said. "...why?"

"Why not?"

Ryan nodded. "I see your point."


There was a knock at the door.

Spencer placed his head on the door. "Who?"


Spencer opened it and was greeted by an overly happy William Beckett.

"Sup? How's it going?" Ryan asked.

"Great! Everything's awesome!"

Brendon lifted his eyebrows. "I can see that."

"I found a new girlfriend."

"Okay, her name is..." Jon said.

"Her name is Nicola..."

"anything happen yet?" Spencer asked.

"Uhh...yeah....I kinda...did it."

Ryan glared. "You sicko." He laughed.

Kara and Lilee walked into the scene and William's eyes lit up.

"Hey Will!" Kara said.

Lilee smiled and waved.

"Totally forgot about you two!" He exclaimed. He hugged both of them.


"How far along are you?"

"I'm 4 months."

"Do you know what you're having?"


The said at once.


SORRY FOR THE DELAY!! Busy with American Idol...YAY! It started again. Also study, study, study. I will be dropping a story and don't worry it's not this one or Ghost Girl. I wrote this story in school! lmao! Uhh....chapter 24 up soon!!
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