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Chapter 005:Phantom

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"Pete's gonna be so pissed at me."

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Entry Title:Engaged
Description:Pete's gonna be so pissed at me...

It's true! I'll be engaged for a week until...I can't talk about it. Everyone else(except Pete) knows. I don't know why they act like they don't. Hmm....denial maybe. Whatever it is it sucks. Andy's been nice to me though. I'm scared. I don't know how it's going to happen to me. Will anybody be worried too? I just...


She looked at her entry as a tear fell onto the paper. She sighed and started to examine the ring Pete gave her.

A beautiful ring. It would go to waste unless Pete took it back. She especially hated the thought of that.

She put the book back in her hiding place and left the room.

The guys were doing the normal who's better at what game.

"Okay." She started. "I'm better than all of you because you all suck." Lori said.

"Aren't we glad that you're around." Patrick said.

"Yeah, if you weren't here we'd be at it for hours."

Lori smiled. "That's what I'm here for."

Almost immediately Patrick, Andy and Joe dropped their smiles.

"Uh, yeah." Andy said, looking at the ground. "So." He said trying to change the subject. "What's on the agenda for tomorrow?"

"Nothing for 2 weeks or whenever we start our tour again." Pete said.

'Okay, so he'll be here." Lori thought, She closed her eyes. 'Calm down, everything's gonna be fine. I got a week.'

A week seemed like minutes to her. To Lori, everything got shorter. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks. Especially the fact that there was nothing to do and she was always wasting valuable time. Even now she was wasting it.

She had to do something with the remaining time of her life.

She got an idea..."I'm really bored!" She said.

"Aren't we all?" Jon asked.

"Yeah, but we're wasting time! Let's do something."

"WE are." Patrick said. "Being bored."

"Shut up, you lazy bum! Let's go out! Do something, anything. Have fun." Boy she sounded desperate now.

Everyone stared at Lori as if she were crazy.

"Maybe you should get some rest. You look kinda pale." Pete said.

"I always look pale, Pete."

"I don't trust her." Andy whispered to Joe.


"I'm telling you, I'm not sick." She said.

"Don't talk, it'll get the results wrong."

SHe took the thermometer out of her mouth. "I'm fine."

Pete took it from her and stuck it back in her mouth. She rolled her eyes.

It beeped. "No fever, what's bugging you?"

"You never do anything for me! Always for you! Just leave me alone!" She yelled as she stormed out of the room.

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