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January 18th, 2007

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Just a blog-type thingy for when I can't bring myself to write anything else. Updates, spoilers and random thoughts. Short and sweet.

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Mmkay; I am working on Chapter Six of WFTC. I'm a bit stuck =/

Okay. So here's what's going on with my stories:
Watching from the closet: My goal is to finish it by late February, early March
Show me a starry eyed kid: On hiatus =/ Sorry, Tara
I'll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake: On hiatus...since about September xD

Izzy will be appearing in my next big story. I tried to fit her into WFTC, but there just isn't room for another character =[
So here's the title for my next big project:

Making out inside crashed cars.


But don't expect anything until...meh, April or so. Maybe earlier, depending on how well WFTC goes. It will NOT, however, take me four and a half months -_- Plus the time it took me to plan that story, I worked on it for about six months, give or take. Ugh.

I am hard at work on the script for 'Prettypoizon; the movie'. It won't have much to do with my stories, to be honest. Just mainly Tara and I acting like the FOB losers that we are. And we are planning a scene where I will try to be Patrick and Tara will try to be me. o_O
This should be interesting xD

But don't except it to be out 'till spring, 'cause some of the scenes require the great outdoors, minus the zillion feet of snow over here in the north xD

And, I, not so hard at work on my official website. BUT Hannah finished the layout, it's amazing. The real Hannah, not WFTC Hannah xD There is no connection between those two, by the way. The website should be finished...mmm, I'm hoping for April, but no guarantees. =/

My personal website is lookin' spiffy, by the way. The enter page features my beloved iPatrick, and the homepage's theme is pink Converse. Because I am obsessed with pink Converse now xD

Hmm...what else is new. Oh, today in math, Suzie wrote on my binder; 'Lexi is a punkalicious very cherry' o_o What the hell does that mean?

Aaaand I couldn't resist turning this into a screenie;

Oh. And I am turning pictures that remind me of WFTC into banner-type things. I'll post the link when I'm done.

Hmm...what Nothing.
I should be writing.

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