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angelic lover

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Neji thinks back on the night he shared with her... one-shot

Category: Naruto - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica, Romance - Characters: Neji, Tenten - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-01-18 - Updated: 2007-01-19 - 679 words - Complete

Tenten looked over lovingly at the man she was sharing her bed with. His dark hair was messy from their lovemaking earlier in the day, after an intence training match. Her lover stirred but didnt wake from his sleep. Tenten smiled. The third part of the exams were in two days, so this would be the last night she would get to spend with him till after the exam was over. She wanted to make the most of tonight. She sat up straight and leaned over so the top half of her naked body was over her lover. she smiled and admired the look of the moonlight on his pale skin. She leaned down and kissed him gently, but with enough force that she was sure he would awake. He stirred and moaned in pleasure but did not wake from his peaceful slumber. She puffed her cheeks slightly in annoyence. She smiled as she lowered a bit and began to kiss his jaw line inorder to wake him. She came to the sensiive skin of his nekc when she felt something taking her hair out of it's 'meatball style' as she had once heard Lee say. She lift her head to see Neji's pale whit eyes looking lovingly and seductivle at her. She shivered in anticipation as she felt his had trace a sensual path down to her hips. His left had came up and cupped her cheek as he brought her into a passionet kiss. His tongue traced over her bottom lip slightly, begging for entrance. She complied with a maon as his tongue entered her moist cavern and let his right hand cup her right breast. Tenten moaned as he massaged her breast while exploring the female's mouth that he had already explored so many times. Tenten pulled out of the kiss, both gasping for breath. Neji lowered his head to Tenten's breast and began to suck and tease the coral flesh as his right and massaged her right breast. Tenten moaned loudly and pulled Neji's head into her more, desiring more pleasure from him. Neji smiled as he switched. sucking and teasing he right breast and massaging her left breast. After about ten minutes of switchin back and forth Neji brought his mouth back up to kiss Tenten gently. She could feel a slight friction in her lower stomach that was begging for release. She could 'see' the same friction in Neji's arousal. She giggled slightly. Her hand wrapped around his grawing length and she squeezed lightly, hearing a graon come from him. Neji broke the kiss hugging her tightly as she stroked his manhood. Tenten smile as he continued to moan. He suddenly pulled Tenten's hands away pulled her beneath him and didnt hear her gasp in shock as he plunged into her. He did, however, hear her moan in exctesy as he pulled out slightly then plung back in again, going further into her. They both moaned the others name as they continued their dance, a dance as old as time itself. after half and hour of ramming his manhood into the love of his life neji release and pulled out of her. he layed down next to her, panting for breathe as he looked over to her to see him looking at him with the most loving eyes.
"i love you Neji." was all she said before she fell asleep
Neji thought back at that night with pride and saddness.
"papa!" a young boy cried out to his father. Neji looked down at his son. Tenten had died iving birth to their only child who bears the name of protection, Mamoru.
"i miss you, my angelic lover" Neji wipsered as he picked up his now three year old son.

i think iread somewere that neji and tenten DO have a kid and tenten died giving birth. i decided to add the kid here. i dont know the kids real gender or name though. first lemon. a request y a freind. be nice...
Dislclaime: yeah, and my boyfreind happens to be murtagh from eragon.
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