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Uh Oh

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This is the official sequel to Three Cheers for a Chemical Romance! This story is all about Charlotte and Gerard raising their family and living together. Hope you enjoy!

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It was a cold, wintry December day. The bare branches of the maple tree outside of Charlotte's house made her want to cry. She loved to see the frost on the window and kids throwing snowballs but after a while she missed the warmth of summer. Charlotte was sitting in the living room staring at the ceiling. She was waiting for news she knew would've popped up eventually but never thought it would actually happen. Her watch ticked and every second that went by she saw.

Emma had gone to school about an hour ago, Gerard was working on a new album with the guys and was out most of the day. The room felt like it was getting even more colder than it was a few minutes ago, if that was possible. Charlotte got up and started pacing the room. Time was just taunting her with that insane ticking. The doorbell rang. Company was exactly what Charlotte needed! Maybe conversing with someone other than herself would help her relax. She opened the door. The sweet faces of Alicia and Jamia were smiling at her doorstep.

"Hi, Charlotte, we were gonna go shopping, you wanna come?" Jamia asked.

"Actually..." Charlotte smacked her hand to her mouth. Then, she ran away from the door and into the bathroom. Alicia and Jamia could hear her moan from outside.

"Char, you okay?" Alicia's voice was followed by a small pat on the back.

"Yeah, just been feeling a little woozy lately, is all," Charlotte smiled then plunged her head back to the toilet, letting out more than she had taken in.

"Let me get you some water," Jamia jogged out of the room.

"Here," Alicia took the ponytail that was in her hair and tied it into Charlotte's.

"I got you some water," Jamia handed Charlotte a tall, clear glass.

"Thanks, you two," Charlotte hadn't realized how happy Jamia and Alicia looked that day. "What?"

"Are you?" Alicia revealed more of her perfect white teeth.

"What do you mean?" Charlotte tried to throw up more so she wouldn't have to go through this but nothing happened.

"Oh, I think you know what she means," Jamia replied.

"I don't know yet, I think I have about..." Charlotte checked her watch, then jumped from her spot on the floor. "Oh, my gosh!"

Charlotte ran out of the room, she could feel where the snow that Jamia and Alicia brought in with them, it was melted now but she could tell. She could hear her sister-in-law and good friend following her as she climbed the stairs up to her room. They sounded like they had just come from a 12 mile marathon. What could Charlotte do but call them a couple of wimps in her mind? She slammed into her bedroom door when she forgot all about the doorknob. Charlotte twisted it each and every way but nothing happened. Then she forgot that she had to push the door at the same time. 'Why does everything have to be so complicated on days like this?' Charlotte thought to herself. Jamia and Alicia were close behind her now, it made her feel like a convict that had just escaped. Finally, the door opened! She ran into the middle of the room, searching for the bathroom door. She found it then ran into the room.

"Charlotte, Charlotte!" Alicia and Jamia ran into her view. Charlotte held the test in her hand, with her back turned to them.

"Well?" they said simultaneously. Slowly, Charlotte turned around and revealed the results to her friends. The tube proved to be negative.
Short I know but at least I got to it! Plz review I'm not sure how I did.
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