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Remembrance of my life

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Many years in the future something happened to change my life. Part of my Dreams series. Underage kissing.

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Author's note:

Okay I had a dream, a real long one and well it inspired me to write this. It is the first of a two part series. If you like this I'll post the rest. If you don't...well I'll still post it! I hope you like it, its not like the rest of my "happy" stories but I think it's just as good. Considering I wrote it in one day. But heck I've written all of my originals in one day. Enjoy.

Remembrance of my life.


I was about 6 years old at the time, my mother, my father, my brother and my nana, Marjorie, were with me at a new town. After the Great World Wide Dust Bowl (GWWDB), there weren't any cities left only towns, and even they didn't last long, thanks to the mercenaries and bandits. So my family had become nomads, and we went from town to town with nothing more than our meager belongings and the little money my dad and brother made. Even like that we were happy; we were all healthy and together.

Marjorie was there at my birth and when she saw me said that her fate was linked with mine and joined my parents' migration. Marjorie is a witch; did I mention that? She was born with her powers, but keeps them hidden because the GWWDB was blamed on them. Yep, some crackpot wizard said that he would 'Curse the world with a drought that will never end', and to his and the spectators' surprise poof the GWWDB hit. Not a good propaganda for the rapidly growing wizard species. So there was an old fashion, Salem-style, witch/wizard barbecue.

Well, back to what happened, my father and brother went to inquire upon some job or the other, my mother went to do some shopping and Marjorie and I got stuck doing groceries and supply check.

"Marjorie! We don' have any beans!"

"Ok, thank you, I think we're done here..." Marjorie paid for our things and walked out with my hand in hers.

We made out for our camp out of town. As we walked down the long, dusty, road we saw a cloud of smoke coming our way. It quickly came towards us and slowly we made out what it was, a band of bandits(is that redundant?). Marjorie pushed me behind her and signaled me to be quiet and still. I held on to her skirt and buried my face into her braided, long, red hair. The bandits rode around, trapping us in a circle of solar-bicycles. The leader spoke to Marjorie,he was a blue haired, young, muscular man, with black eyes that seemed to absorb light and give none of its own. Back then, I had no idea what he was saying but now I understand clearly.

"I won't hurt you if you give me the child for some 'fun'." He said twirling a knife in his hand.

"Over my dead body...." Marjorie responded grinding her teeth.

"That can be arranged..." he snapped his fingers and pointed and Marjorie. Obediently, the bandits moved toward her.

I remember thinking: 'Why do these bad men want me and what for?'

Marjorie cupped her hands together and blew through the opening between her thumbs. She then laced her fingers together and brought her hands to her chest. Saying a quick incantation under her breath she extended her hands out towards the bandits. The bandits snickered unsuspectingly, only the leader had a look of apprehension on his face. She slowly opened her hands and suddenly a whirlwind appeared taking up the bandits, crashing them and their bikes together.

Just as suddenly as it appeared it left making Marjorie gasp. Now Marjorie gasping wasn't a good thing at all. She hadn't made the whirlwind disappear, someone else had. I saw all these things reflect in her eyes, I also saw fear and indecision chase across her face. And that made me even more scared, if possible. There were little wizards that were stronger than her.

The leader laughed out loud. "That's it? Is that your best attack? Common give me your best 'Marjorie'!"

Marjorie looked down, winked her purple eye, and gave me forced smile.
"Sweetheart, please go over to that rock over there with these groceries and sit for a while."

"Okay, Marjorie." I said and did as she said.

When I sat, I felt the hair on my arms stand and my skin prickled. Then and there I knew something was very wrong. My hair stood on end when Marjorie did a barrier spell, something she only did at night when we slept. My skin only prickles when something is very, very wrong. Even though something was wrong I did what I was told, I sat and kept still.

"Marjorie, a barrier spell? How crude, and unnecessary we both know that I can break that easily."

"Yes, but we both know that it will take all your concentration to do so. Who are you bandit?"

" Tsk, Marjorie do you tell your food your name before you eat it? Do you scream your name at your quarry before you shoot it down? I think not, you value the same to me. You are my quarry, there is absolutely no reason for me to tell you my real name."

"Humor me." she answered rolling her eyes.

"Hmm, let's say my name is Henry. Just for you to shut up and start fighting."

Marjorie floated up till the sun was behind her. And shouted an incantation with her palms out towards the sun behind. Her body burst into flame and she dived towards "Henry" headfirst. I gasped as he vanished just before she hit and appeared behind her discharging a colossal amount of water from his hand. It hit her at an inordinate amount of speed. She sped towards the ground at a rate that would have most likely brought about her demise, but in just a millisecond she got away showing great dexterity. She said a spell that made her body spin tunneling as she hit the ground. "Henry" growled and looked around trying to find out where exactly where she hid. Suddenly, she appeared behind him and struck him with a lightning bolt. He fell to ground leaving an indentation with his body. Marjorie was looking down at the body panting heavily.

After awhile she floated downward and walked towards me. Smiling she came over and placed her hand on the barrier, closed her eyes saying a quick prayer of thanks, and then frowned in concentration to break the barrier. Then, I saw the bandit get up with a sword of light in his hand.

"Marjorie!!! Marjorie!!!" I screamed and pounded my tiny fists upon the barrier.

Her eyes cleared and looked into mine staring in horror at what I saw. She turned around too late, the blade sliding through her chest like a hot knife through butter. She gasped in pain as "Henry" pulled out the sword. The wound sprayed blood liberally. I felt as the barrier around of me relented giving up its energy to its master.

"Mar- Marjorie?" I kneeled beside the body and placed her head on my lap. "It's going to be alright, I'm right here to protect you."

The bandit snorted, turned and kicked his teammates up. Slowly they gathered, the less battered carrying the more seriously wounded. Marjorie got paler by the second fighting to breathe. The bandits watched as I ran my fingers through her hair slowly. They shook their heads, but deferred when their boss barked orders to get on their bikes.

"Witch Marjorie, I will never understand why you gave your life for this insignificant child. But as all wizard should, I shall listen to and accomplish your last two requests."

I frowned at him. How dare he speak to my nana after hurting her so badly? I was about to ask him the same question when Marjorie's bloody hand went up to my lips silencing me.

"Listen well 'Henry', there I wish to perform the Transfer to Mai."

"What? That'll kill you!"

"...I'll die anyways. Mai sweetie do you remember what we spoke the special happy thing?"

"Yes," I answered, " Will it make you better?"

"It will make me feel better."

"Okay, I think happy thoughts." I squeezed my eyes shut and about the happiest things that had happened throughout my short life.

"Well, 'Henry' give me a hand won't you?"

"Henry" shook his head and walked over to Marjorie helping her to a sitting position. Her hands shook as she placed them on my head. She whispered the trigger words and went through a trance. Her body went on automatic as it gave me all the magical essence it contained. "Henry" held her body still as it thrashed in pain. Soon she was enveloped by a blue electric aura that burned "Henry" and forced itself into my body. Both Marjorie and I screamed, both feeling pain of the Change. It ended violently pushing both away, me falling away onto the ground and pushing her into "Henry". He looked down at her sadly. Marjorie had gotten even paler and she was coughing up blood. Her breathing was even more labored causing her to gasp out for air like a fish out of water.

"M-Mah," she was interrupted by fit of coughing up blood, " My s-second request is that you take Mah- Mai to the camping ground and put her there and keep her safe until her parents come..."

"Do I look like her nana to you?!!!"

"You are bound to the request! If you don't keep her safe from others you shall lose your powers!!"

He winced then sighed. "You ARE right. Fine."

"Don't worry about my body, I've done the Ritual it'll destroy itself. No scientist will dissect me!" her eyes shone in defiance.

"You know, a witch without training is very dangerous."

" I left her my books. Her parents, I left them instructions to rifle through my belongings. That they would find a letter for them there. They don't know about me."

"So, what about the Transfer?"

" It is explained there..."

"Henry" walked over to me and picked my unconscious body up. He didn't look back even as he heard and felt Marjorie's demise. Even as he felt the heat of the flames licking at her body. He kept his promise and made his way to the only campsite near town.

I didn't wake up until much later. When I did my eyes adjusted to the darkness of my and Marjorie's tent. For a moment I hoped it was all a dream but my heart knew the truth and that made me cry loudly. I heard as the flap of my tent opened, and a gruff voice asked me if I was hungry. I sobbed; it was the murdering bandit "Henry". At that he just snorted and closed the tent angrily.
This made me angry; I got up and crawled out of my tent looking for him. I saw him in front of the fire. I threw myself at him pummeling him with my fists sobbing furiously.

"Ugh stop you little..." he grabbed my hands and held me away.

I looked up at him defiantly and resorted to kicking him in the shins.

"Arrgh!! Okay, that's it! You sit here and don't you dare move or I'll kill you."

I meekly did what he asked. Marjorie had taught me to do what adults told me to and that's what I did. I sulked as he moved over to the other side of the camp and sat there in silence barely looking at me. My tears slowly dissolved into hiccups. Also, my tummy rumbled I was starving for some reason.

"Oi mister, are you going to give me something to eat?"

"Kid aren't you afraid of me?"

"No, Marjorie doesn't leave any lose ends... she prob- plorbaby"


"Yes that word! Told you or bespelled you so you can't hurt me or something...."

"You know you are a very precocious child." He said as he reheated the meal.

"Whut? Sir are you going to feed me or am I going to have to feed myself?"

"Kid where DID you get that sharp tongue from?"


"How comes you're so smart?" he rephrased rolling his eyes.

"Oh, Marjorie taught me. Plus I'm a fast learner."

"Oh is that so? And how come you aren't sad anymore?"

"Boy mister you sure ask a lot. I'm not sad cause Marjorie taught me not to be cause everyone that dies goes somewhere good if they've been good. And Marjorie has been real good."

"Hm... where you think she is?" he asked as he gave me the cooked meal.

"Well, in heaven duh!"

"A child that knows the old doctrine, how strange and wonderful." He whispered to himself.

"This food tastes horrible! You are a very bad cook!"

"Thank you. I'll take that as a compliment seeing that you are still eating."

"That's because I'm starving. I'll get food posing or somn'."

"Hahaha. Boy you kill me, food posing. Hey kid where do you think I'll end up when I die?"

"Oh that obvious! You're going to hell! I'll be the one to send you there personally. You killed Marjorie, I'll never forget that."

He shrunk back, the look in my eyes made him recoil in horror. Even if my voice was happy and carefree he couldn't miss the open threat. I finished eating screwing my face in disgust as I put the plate down.

"I'm gonna have diarrhea." I said positively.

"You're welcome." He said.

We both heard my parent and brother's voices as they came nearer to the campsite.

"Well that's my cue to leave kid goodbye."

"Wait mister don't forget my promise, I will kill you."

"Well, kid I promise we'll have a good fuck before you do."

"What's that?" I asked cocking my head to the side.

"You'll find out when I do it."

With that he came over lifted me and kissed me square in the lips swirling his tongue in my mouth. One hand holding my head the other on my back. He then dropped me on my bottom.

"Consider that as early foreplay." He then vanished as my parents walked into the clearing.


It was that day that not only my life changed but also my whole family's. They accepted me but held some resentment towards Marjorie for what she did. It's been ten years since that fateful night. That's why today I tell you this story. It's the anniversary.


Well if you enjoyed R & R.

- Kurochan
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