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Would You Mind If I Sat Next To You And Watched You Smile?

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Pete and Dana go on their first "date".

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"What did they say to you?" Pete asked as we walked out into the cold night.
"Oh, nothing" I replied shyly.
"Look, if this is going to be awkward we don't have to go, okay?" he asked assuringly.
"No, no!" I said quickly, "I'm fine, just nervous is all. I haven't been on a date for a very long time." What I didn't tell him was that the last time I had a date was when I went to senior prom. And to make it even worse, I caught my date making out with my ex-best friend Valerie in a bathroom stall that night. She's such a slut. And then she even tried to apologize the next day. Fat chance she had!

"Okay good," Pete said with a more happy tone, "Want to go get some Pizza?"
"YES! I'm STARVED!" I said.
Pete laughed "I know this great place," he said the name but I didn't recognize it. "You know it?"
"Um, no." I stated, "I just moved here earlier this week."
"NO WAY!" He yelled in shock.
"YES WAY!" I yelled back laughing.
"Well this is a problem; I have a quick way to solve it."
"And what might that be?"
"I'm taking you on an all night tour of Chicago!" Pete screamed.
"Not until we eat first!"
"Okay," He giggled, "I'm hungry too. Trying to tame those wild beasts, Patrick, Andy, and Joe, gets very tiring by the end of the day."
I agreed and he motioned for me to get into a car.
"What am I going to do about my car?" I asked.
"Don't worry about it. Give me the keys." I handed him my keys.
"HEY DIRTY!" he screamed to a shadowy, slightly drunk looking figure across the parking lot. "What's your address?" He asked me. I told him and he told this "Dirty" fellow to go drive it to my apartment. I was thinking 'um, right' and I stepped into Pete's car.

He turned on the radio and Panic! At The Disco's "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage" came on. I started to sing along. It was a great ice breaker because I asked him to tell me the whole story of how he got to signing them to Decaydance. It was very interesting. He found out about them online and took a flight to Vegas just to see them, and then he signed them. If you ask me, they are a bunch of lucky guys. I still can't believe that Brent walked out. He's such a loser. GO JON! Of course I didn't tell Pete my opinion on that. HAHA!

We drove up to the pizza place and it was PACKED! I said to him "Don't you think it's a bit too crowded?"
"Not for me it isn't."

We walked inside and the hostess was like "Why hello Peter Pan, would you like your usual table in he back? I see you have a new lady in your life."
"Yes, I would like the table in the back thanks. This is Dana, my date." he smiled at me. "I always come here when I'm home. They treat me and the band like family."
"How sweet," I told him. 'New lady?' I thought to myself. And then I remembered he was a rocker and probably did stuff like this often with many other girls. I just hoped that he would give me a chance. I really liked him. But then again, he called me his 'Date'. YAY!

So we sat down and he ordered us a pie with a works and one soda, one VERY LARGE soda. You know what that means ladies, yes, we did share the same soda. We talked about so many things that night. He wanted to know everything about me of course, so I told him that I had lived on Long Island my entire life and that I needed a change of scene and that's why I moved to Chicago. I also told him more about my job at AP Magazine and how I have to work over the computer like I always did since they are stationed in Cleveland. I told him that staying at home was kind of lonely and he offered to keep me company once and a while. I was like "Really?" and he was all "Anytime babe." AH! He liked me!

By the time we were done eating it was around one in the morning and the pizza place was about to close.
"I have to get home, I bet my sister is worried sick." I told him.
"I guess we'll have to post phone that tour until another day." He stated solemnly.

He offered to take me home. When we got there I noticed that my car had gotten back safe and sound. THANK GOD! I know the next part may seem a bit innocent but I am not one to make moves so, when we got to my apartment he brought me to my door. Pete stood there and looked into my eyes and said, "I would really like to see you again sometime. Are you free for tomorrow by any chance?" I knew I had to get some work done but I decided to do it before I went to bed that evening, or morning, as some would have saw it. "Yeah, yeah I'm free. What would you like to do?" I asked.
"How about you come to a band practice? It would really brighten up my day. You could even get to know the guys."
"Yeah, I would love that."
"Me too," he said as he kissed me soft on the lips. I thought I was going to die. "G'night Dana. I'll pick you up at eleven." he whispered softly in my ear and he walked down the stairs to the door. I pulled out my keys and I couldn't help but notice my hands shaking with excitement as I struggled to unlock the door.

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