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Silent Night

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In this chapter, you get to see Charlotet's thoughts on everything from how she thinks Gerard will be able to handle a baby to what Emma's really like.

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"Well, that should do it Charlotte, I'll give you a call with the results tomorrow morning," Charlotte thanked the doctor and walked out of the building.

The early visit from Jack Frost was a bittersweet surprise. Gerard and Charlotte both loved the winter, but of course, like anything else, it has its downsides. Emma, personally, hated it, she was a skater now-a-days and went with Charlie to the skate park every chance she could. It was her passion and she always had to give it up for a couple of months because of weather problems. Her parents didn't see what the big deal was. It wasn't the end of the world, the snow wouldn't be there all year long, it wasn't like it was the end of the world. But they were adults, they understood this, they also understood that Emma loved skating and they would support it.

Anyways, Charlotte walked out to her red Saturn Sky Roadster. She opened the door and turned on the car, then turned on the heat at full blast. She rubbed her hands together as the car began to warm up and backed up in the parking lot. The drive back home wasn't far, it was about ten minutes away from her house. She pulled up in the garage right next to Gerard's black Jaguar, the spoiled brat.

She got out of the car and walked into the house through the garage entrance. A movie was playing in the living room, Charlotte could hear the sound of an explosion from the garage. The noise was blaring from the huge speakers Gerard insisted on buying since they gave the house a "lived in" feeling. Once she stepped into the house, Charlotte ran to the living room to turn down the volume. Her family had turned it up so loud, she thought she wasn't going to make it, but she eventually made it to the T.V. without too much damage. Emma and Charlie were asleep on the couch, cuddled under a blanket they were sharing. There didn't seem much harm in leaving them, she knew Emma was a smart girl and Charlie was an innocent and trustworthy guy. So, Charlotte turned off the T.V. got another blanket for the kids, and turned off the living room lights.

She walked up the steps and took one last look at her daughter before retiring to her room. She was such a beautiful little girl. She was so special, so smart, artistic, and athletic. It was amazing the place wasn't crawling with boys. But then again, Emma was smart so she knew Gerard much better than that. Charlotte couldn't see why Gerard was so uptight, Charlie wasn't bad at all. He could be such a hypocrite, sometimes, he was exactly like Charlie when he was a kid, in fact, she had seen a couple of Charlie's drawings of Emma. They were beautifully lifelike, just like Gerard's. Then again, maybe now she didn't have that much to worry about, they did have a "date" after all.

With that last thought, Charlotte tore herself away from the stairs and entered her bedroom. In the center of the bed, was Gerard snoring loudly, wearing nothing, wearing a heavy, grey hoodie and long sweatpants, she imagined. Why was everyone asleep? It was only nine, and it was a Friday! Sometimes, her family just didn't know how to live, but she liked it that way. Charlotte changed that had moons and stars all over them. Then, she crawled into bed and wrapped rested her head on Gerard's thick chest. It was a little itchy, but she would live with it since it involved Gerard. She rubbed her head a little, then set it back down on Gerard's belly. He looked so peaceful sleeping, all his troubles and problems drifted away once his eyes closed.

If only he could stay like that all day. He was always worked up with the new album, Emma, keeping Charlotte happy. Charlotte got worried he would get even more stressed out if they did go through with the pregnancy thing. One baby would change their lives completely! On top of the costs they would have to go through what they were going through with Emma right now.

"How would Gerard handle this a second time?" Charlotte thought to herself.

Well, Gerard was an incredible man, he could do a lot of things, but maybe this wasn't one of them. No, Gerard was an all-around good man. He could handle this, he could totally handle this. In fact, they both could handle this. If Emma couldn't right now, she eventually would in the future, so she would just have to learn to live with it. That was it! They were definitely going to have a baby, Gerard was going to be AWESOME at it, and Emma would go back to being normal. Case Closed.
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