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i don't think anybody feels the way i do about you now.

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is it love?

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He stayed with me until we reached the seventh floor

"So erm bye"

"Bye" I went to turn away


I turned around and Adams lips instantly greeted me. His tongue gently slid into my mouth and it was the best kiss ever. He was so amazing.

When he pulled away, all I could say was "wow"

He smiled "I'll call you" he said as he went into the lift.

I headed back to the office to see Brendon, Ryan, Spencer, Jon and Pete all standing there with there jaws on the floor.


"Whoa that was Adam Lazzara," Jon said

"Yup it was so can one of you guys give me a lift.

"Sure I will sis"

In the car, I opened my diary

Today started as normal I went to work and did work like things and at lunch I went to the park and wrote about Dan. That was when my day turned into a fairy tale. Adam Lazzara was there I guess he must of saw me crying I am such a wuss I can't even hear the name Dan without a tear coming to my eye. Anyway, he asked me for number and I gave him it. Then got dragged back to work by Francis and he phoned me I didn't think he would. The date was amazing and that kiss was just incredible. I feel a bond with him some kind of amazing connection. I REALLY like him. Who knows this could be so good. I may have to buy a new diary.

"Here ya go" Ryan pulled up outside my apartment block

"Thanks Ry" I smiled closing my diary and giving my brother a peck on the cheek.

"You wanna lift tomorrow"

"Yup thanks" I got out and reflected on the events of that day and for once I felt special like I was important. And I liked that feeling. I liked it a lot

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