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Just Like A Fantasy?

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Brendon tells his best friend how he really feels...but does Ryan feel the same?

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So, in my last story (The Lies I Tell That Make You Love Me More,'s on the site, go read it...), Ryan was the shy one. In this one, the roles are definitely reversed. I hope you guys enjoy it! It's a quick one, but reviews would be much appreciated!! Also, if you could include any moments or lines that you particularly liked in your review that would be great! Thanks and enjoy!!

"What's going on with you, Brendon?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You've been everywhere this past week. I try to talk to you, and you freeze. You barely come up to me on stage anymore. You've just been really quiet, and while I've often thought about how happy I'd be if you'd just shut up every once in a while, I'm worried."

"Look, I just really don't want to talk about this right now."

"Well, I do! What the hell is your problem?"

Before Brendon Urie knew it, the words he had wanted to say for so long came spilling out before he could stop them.

"I love you, okay, Ryan?! I fucking love you and I don't want you to be in love with me because you don't need someone like me to drag you down! I just need to deal with this on my own!"

" me?"

Ryan Ross wasn't sure he had heard his best friend correctly. They were both in the back lounge of the tour bus, Ryan lying on the couch and Brendon standing near the door. He was fidgeting with the buttons on his shirt and staring the ground down. He hadn't meant to ever tell Ryan how he felt because he was sure that his best friend wouldn't ever feel the same. Now, he was standing at the door, so nervous that Ryan just had to smile.

"You're not so bad yourself."

Brendon laughed lightly and cracked a small smile. He looked up at Ryan and saw him just sitting there, waiting. That was when he knew he had to make his move. He turned and closed the door, locking it. Then, he crawled onto the couch, straddling Ryan, but making sure not to touch him. Their legs were inches apart and Brendon leaned down, putting strain on his arms where his hands were holding him up on both sides of Ryan's face. Ryan moved his head up to move closer to Brendon's lips, but his best friend pulled away, only brushing Ryan's lips against his. Ryan's head fell back down against the soft material of the couch, and he sighed, looking into Brendon's eyes.

"Touch me, Bren. Please."

Brendon nodded, but Ryan could see Brendon's hands shaking out of the corner of his eye. He was so cute when he was nervous. Ryan reached up and grabbed Brendon's tie, lightly tugging on it, and forcing his body, and his lips, to fall on top of Ryan's. They both groaned at the contact, but Ryan could feel Brendon smiling into their kiss. As the kiss deepened, Brendon moaned, wanting to feel more. Ryan reached up with one hand, still keeping the other hand on the back of his best friend's head, making sure that their lips hardly ever separated.

Soon, the tie was history and Brendon began tugging at the bottom of Ryan's t-shirt. Ryan nodded, still keeping his eyes closed, and shivered under Brendon's touch as Brendon rolled the shirt up over his stomach, and brought it over his head. He opened his eyes, and something didn't look right. Brendon still had his shirt on. The two of them sat up, Brendon still straddling Ryan's hips, and Ryan began to unbutton the shirt, leaving kisses up and down Brendon's neck and making his whole body ache for more of Ryan's kiss, touch, everything.

Brendon's shirt joined the other articles of clothing on the floor. Ryan moved his hands up Brendon's body, eliciting a moan from him every time Ryan's fingers grazed his exposed stomach. However, Brendon wasn't going to let his best friend get the best of him. So, he moved his hands to Ryan's sides and tickled him as hard as he could. Ryan doubled over with laughter, and Brendon began to laugh too.

When they relaxed, Ryan was sprawled out on the couch. Brendon was still lying on top of him, his head resting in the crook of Ryan's neck. Ryan shuffled over a little bit, so that he could turn to ask Brendon a question.

" long?"

"Too long."

"I'm serious. How long have you had to feel like this?"

Brendon took a long, slow breath.

"Two years."

"You've been in love with me for two years? Why didn't you ever say anything?"

"It's not exactly the easiest thing in the world to go up to your best friend and let him know you've fantasized about what he tastes like."

Ryan felt a smile playing at his lips. He moved his hand underneath Brendon's chin and pushed it up, so that Brendon's face was facing his.

"So, do I taste like your fantasies?"


Ryan looked hurt, but Brendon just smiled and kissed him, lingering over his lips for a few seconds before replying.

"I couldn't have ever dreamed that you would taste that good."

Ryan smiled and felt himself falling asleep, more comfortable than he had ever been. Brendon snuggled up to him and held his hands possessively at Ryan's waist. Before they drifted to sleep, Ryan whispered in Brendon's ear.

"Right back at you."
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