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A Midsummer Day's Reality

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A dangerous criminal has escaped from Haven. It's up to Artemis and Holly to find him and bring him back. But crash-landing in Athens isn't quite what they expected.

Category: Artemis Fowl - Rating: PG - Genres: Crossover, Humor, Romance - Characters: Artemis Fowl, Holly Short, Other - Warnings: [!] [?] - Published: 2007-01-20 - Updated: 2007-01-21 - 312 words

Chapter one: Fugitive

I'm just assuming none of you are familiar with A Midsummer Night's Dream so I'm going to make a big deal out of explaining it somewhere in the story. Also, I don't own any characters. Not even Turnball or Puck.

Artemis Fowl woke on Saturday morning to the chirping of birds, his favorite sound. Of course the sound was 90.99% mechanized. He had recorded the pleasant but rare noise in the vacant valleys and fields of Ireland and mixed them up and burned them onto a CD and set the CD player to turn on at precisely 8:00 on Saturdays.

He lay in bed for a while, just listening. He breathed in deeply through his nose, held it for five seconds then let it out in a relaxed whoosh. How he enjoyed the peace and quiet of Saturdays. The warm sun flowing like a waterless flood through the window, the chirping of the "birds", the silent tick-tock of the clock on the bedside table, the ringing of the fairy communicator Holly had left him several years ago, the...wait!

Artemis jolted awake. Groaning, he picked up the communicator. "What is it this time?" He complained. "It had better be important. You chose to call me at a very inconvenient time."

"I'm sorry, Artemis, but this is important." Holly said. The look on her face was enough for Artemis to know that it was important. Very important. "Turnball Root, Julius' older brother, has escaped from prison. As you know, he is a threat to both Humans and Fairies."

"And you need me why...?"

"Artemis! Have you lost your mind? A while ago you wouldn't think twice about helping the People. What's wrong with you?"

"I'm not thinking twice. I'm just asking why you would need a human. You have Foaly and the rest of the LEP."

Holly sighed. "He's on the surface."
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