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The Werewolves of London

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AU Post OotP, No HBP, With Voldemort gone it's time for Harry to Live.

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Time to Live 29
By Loralee

Disclaimer: Not mine

The Werewolves of London

Harry glanced through the display window of the shop at quarter to 11, there several people standing in front of the shop, including Remus Lupin, a thin, gray woman and a boy who looked to be about ten years old. He stepped in the back and went down the steps to the lab. Three large cauldrons sat still simmering and Severus and Sophia were each ladling smoking potion into flasks from two other cauldrons.

"We have people waiting outside and Remus is here with a kid," said Harry.

Severus looked up, "Let Remus and anyone with him in, I'll be up in a moment."

Harry nodded and grabbed a crate with filled flasks and carried it up the stairs.

Harry opened the door. "Remus, come on in." To the rest of the waiting group, "We'll open in just a little while at 11 o'clock."

Remus gestured for the boy and woman to precede him into the shop and Harry locked the door after them.

"Severus will be up in a moment," he turned to the boy, "Hi, I'm Harry, how are you doing?" He stuck out his hand.

The boy just looked at him for a long moment and then hesitantly took Harry's hand.

"I'm Tanner, I'm good enough, considering."

"Pleased to meet you Tanner, is this your mother?" Tanner looked surprised and then shook his head with a snort.

"Ah, sorry Harry, this is Mrs. Grayson she is here to pick up the potion for her son Evan."

"Sorry, how do you do ma'am," said Harry offering his hand again.

"Enough pleasantries, Potter," said Severus, from the doorway. "Here is your potion, Lupin." Severus was holding a cup out to Remus.

Remus turned up his nose. "I could have taken it with me, but I guess." He took the cup and chugged it down with a shudder. "Thank you Severus," he said handing back the cup.

Sophia in the meantime had moved to open the door and the shop was beginning to fill.

Severus turned to the woman, "Mrs. Grayson? Lupin tells me that your son Evan is eight and weighs 42lbs? Is that correct?"

"Yes sir," replied Mrs. Grayson, clutching her purse convulsively.

Severus reached under the counter and pulled out a flask labeled Evan Grayson. "This dose is figured for your son's age and weight. It would be helpful if you monitored him for the next few days, note any side effects and owl either Miss Banner or myself, here so that I may make further refinements to his dosage next month. Please be aware that even with the potion your son must be confined."

"But I though he would be aware-?" said the thin woman.

"He may be more aware, Mrs. Grayson, but he will still be able to infect someone else and he will still be a cranky, little boy who may lash out," Severus said in a kind tone.

"Oh, I understand, of course."

Severus turned and set a bottle on the counter, this is a pain relief potion that will not cause a reaction with the Wolfsbane, you may give him a tablespoon of this every four hours tomorrow to help him recover and this is a muscle balm to relax sore muscles." A jar of the purple goop was set down next to the flask.

Mrs. Grayson paled, "I don't know that I have enough for all of that. Mr. Snape. Remus said 1 galleon, 3 knuts for the Wolfsbane."

"Mrs. Grayson, your total is 1 galleon, a child's dose is smaller."

Mrs. Grayson looked almost as if she would argue but in the end paid the galleon and thanked Snape.

Severus then looked at the boy Tanner. "Mr. Tanner?"

"Just Tanner, sir, no other name."

"I have your potion here, Remus said you are 14, and weigh 62lbs is that correct?" asked Severus again placing pain reliever and the muscle balm next to the flask.

"Yes sir, but I ain't a child and I don't need charity. I got a galleon 3, I don't need that other stuff," said Tanner defiantly.

Severus cast his most viscous glare at Tanner and spoke in his most deadly tones, "I do not give charity, Tanner. You are quite correct that you do not need the other items however they will aide your recovery. Remus tells me that you are on your own and do odd jobs to provide for yourself. I will need a boy to sweep up, stock shelves and run errands as my current one," he gestured to Harry, "will soon return to Hogwarts. The healthier you are the better you can work. Give me your galleon 3, take this and come see me next Tuesday about the job."

Tanner gave Severus a measuring stare then placed his money on the counter, opened the flask and drained it. He gagged once or twice then pocket the other items and walked out past the waiting men.

Severus gazed around and said, "Well, who's next."

Harry watched as Remus chatted with the men and women waiting while Severus and Sophia took in money and handed out the flasks. After the first rush it slowed down to trickle of two or three at a time. Most of the customers were polite and well mannered if shabbily dressed and were grateful for the chance to purchase the potion.

About 1 o'clock Neville came in with a crate. Waved at Harry and approached Severus who was leaning against the counter between customers.

"Professor, I've brought a sample of my processed ingredients," said Neville.

Remus looked on in surprise as Severus inclined his head and invited Neville into the back room for discussion. When he looked to Harry for explanation Harry just shrugged and grinned. Only a short time later Neville poked his head out from the backroom and called for Harry to come show him where things went.

"Well that's the end of that, I think its great that Severus bought your stuff Nev, that means you're in business," said Harry.

"It means, I'll have extra pocket money for school, you know Gran's awful tight with money. She seems to think I'll lose it or spend it all on sweets or something. Sometimes I swear she acts like she thinks I'm six years old," said Neville.

The bells over the door jangled and a voice called out, "Harry, lad are you in?"

Harry rushed out to the counter and found Mum from the diner with several boxed lunches in her hands.

"There you are, you didn't come an get you're lunch so I brought a little something down for you. Ah, you must be Professor Snape," she said with a happy smile.

Harry felt Severus behind him.

"Such a pleasure to meet you, at last, I own the little restaurant down the way. I just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood."

"Thank you, Madam, that is most kind of you," said Severus.

"Oh, just call me Mum, everyone does," she sat the lunches down on the counter, and winked at Harry, "I must be getting back now, you boys enjoy your lunch."

Then she was gone as quickly as she'd come. Severus stared after her and then looked at Harry.

"How do you manage that, Potter? Get people to -to like you and cater to you like that?" asked Severus, mystified by the woman.

"I don't do anything," Harry started hotly.

"He's just Harry, Professor, it's just how he is, you already know that," interrupted Neville in a mild tone. "Did she bring any of that cake?"

That derailed any argument before it started and they opened the packages to find fried chicken, fruit salad, rolls and a chocolate cream pie.

Severus and Sophia had managed to make fifty-four doses of Wolfsbane; they sold the last of it at 2:30 and had to turn away 4 people in the last half hour. Though they were told there would be more available the next full moon. Wolfsbane could be prepared five days in advance they would have more time the next time. They'd had six who were not werewolves but that had come in to see the new shop and four had made purchases.

Remus left when Harry locked the door at 3. Neville was already gone and he sent an exhausted Severus home with orders to rest. He and Sophia cleared up and Harry counted the money and took it over to Gringotts to deposit. He thought it had been a very good day.

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