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The Sorry Cake and The Hairy Miracle

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How nice of Mikey and Frankie to bake Gerard a cake! How evil of Bob to plan another murder!

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Chapter Seven: The 'We're Sorry' Cake and the Hairy Miracle
Once Gerard pranced onto the bus, he found himself across the room from none other than FRANKIE and MIKEY. He locked eyes with his brother for a minute, old Western-style, and then made eye contact with his not-brother. After letting out a short sigh, he attempted to bolt passed them to the bunks, but that didn't work. Mikey and Frankie caught him by the shoulders and held him back.

"Gerard, wait," Mikey sighed, and Gerard did because A) Mikey told him to and 2) he was still tired from sleeping on the GRASS the night before and didn't feel like fighting Frankie right then. He knew Frankie would win anyway.

"What," Gerard hissed in his barely audible voice. Frankie and Mikey frowned at each other.

"We have something for you," Mikey continued, sitting Gerard down at the card table from the night before, where the present was currently stationed.

Gerard stared at the cake, which smelled of flour and cocoa powder. It was covered in white frosting and had the words 'We're Sorry, Gerard' in Frankie's handwriting with red icing. Gerard knew Frankie had written it not because of his handwriting, though, but because 'sorry' only had one 'r' and 'Gerard' had three!

Mikey had even drawn a little smiley face in the corner with said red icing!

This cake made Gerard's dear little heart fill with joy and warmth. "Aww," he smiled up at both of them as they sat down at the table across from him. "Thanks, you guys."

"We're really sorry, Gerard," Frankie hung his head. "The cake proves it. We woke up really early this morning to make it for you."

"Yeah, we didn't know how much banana bread really meant to you. If we did, we would have used your song instead of 'Blood' for the hidden track."

This kind of pissed Gerard off, because he knew the world would much rather hear about bread than blood. But it was okay, because Gerard was still happy. "It really means a lot to me," he smiled. "But you could've just told me you didn't like Mikey's recipe."

"Mikey's...?" Frankie started.

"...recipe?" Mikey finished.

Gerard laughed as he cut everyone a slice of the cake because he thought they were kidding about not knowing that Mikey had invented his banana bread recipe! "You guys are so funny," he laughed. "I'm so glad we're friends."

Gerard gave everyone a piece of the cake, which they ate with their hands because they're boys. And because all the silverware was dirty because everyone hated chores and washing dishes.

Mikey was first to take a bite because he was like REALLY hungry, then Gerard, then Frankie. They all stared at each other for a few seconds as they chewed.

Man, this really tastes like crap! Mikey thought to himself as he continued smiling at his two best friends. I can't say anything though, because then Gerard will think that we purposely made a crappy-tasting cake to get back at him for making us suffer...

Man, this really tastes like crap!
Frankie thought to himself as he continued smiling at his two best friends./ I can't say anything though, because Mikey told me I added too much flour and it'll be all my fault.../

"Wow, guys, this tastes really good!" Gerard said ecstatically, and he was actually being honest.

Frankie was hiding his piece behind Mikey's chair and Mikey was doing his best to swallow the cake when a scream was heard from the back of the bus. Gerard looked up from his moment of bliss as the three witnessed Ray run to the card table.

"My HAIR!" Ray screamed, showing more enthusiasm than usual. The three boys that were eating cake thought Ray was freaking out again because it wasn't there, but when they all looked at him, they saw it WAS there! Ray once again had a FULL 'FRO!

"That's great, Ray!" Gerard exclaimed as he handed him a plate of his gift. "Today is such a happy day! You know, I bet we're gonna be best friends forever!"

Bob had been watching all this from a distance, but I hadn't mentioned him because he's, well, /Bob/. This made him so fucking angry that he stormed to the front of the bus and sat next to the sleeping bus driver. Oh no! The bus was MOVING and the bus driver was sleeping! And it was all Bob's fault!

But since this is fiction, you know they're going to live for another few chapters.

"How the hell could Ray grow an entire afro back over NIGHT? I can't even grow my beard back after two fucking years!" Bob vented to the sleeping bus driver.

"Hey there!"

Bob looked at the bus driver as he heard a voice in his ear, but the bus driver was still telepathically driving the bus as he slept.

"No, over here!"

Since the voice did not specify where here was, this made Bob even more angry.

"Out the window!"

Bob looked out the window to find some freak flying next to the bus in a freakin' Superman outfit. "Who the hell are you? And how are you flying?"

"With my super special awesome super cool chocolate-y fudge-coated awesome flying skills! That's how! Now take this!"

The freak handed Bob a really gross looking chicken and gravy potpie. "Eww, I don't like potpie," Bob said as he tried to push it back out the window.

"No, silly! This is a poisoned potpie!"

"Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Freak Boy?" Bob raised an eyebrow because this bitch was making absolutely no sense. "Who are you, anyway?"

"I'm SuperBob! And I'm here to help you!" SuperBob smiled. "See, you give the potpie to someone you don't like, they eat it, and then they die! Isn't that great?"

Bob nodded. He stroked his chin for a little bit and then he nodded again. "Yeah," he said. Frankie or Mikey was next on the list. "Yeah!" he said more confidently. "Thanks, SuperBob! You rock!"

"Any time, any time!" SuperBob told him, before he flew off to wherever it is that SuperBobs go.

Bob didn't have TIME to question how SuperBob knew he wanted to kill people, because he had the potpie and it was time for FRANKIE to DIE!

End of chapter seven.
Thank you to Dyakatte, for the SuperBob idea.
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