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January 21st, 2007

by prettypoizon 1 review


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I had another very weird morning that began at one a.m. xD
So I absolutely cannot sleep. Go figure. I'm used to it. So I grab my stereo remote and turn on the radio, and I pick up the signal from the Sirius Satelite radio in the living room. It's on Sirius Hits 1, which plays all the current singles. Normally appart from the trance music station and the classic rock stations, it's my favorite.

When I turned it on, they were half-way through the weekend countdown. But the voice of the DJ was different. I turn it up a couple of notches; why is that voice so familiar? Then another voice joins in and I know right away. Patrick and Joe are hosting the weekend countdown! I kind of squealed. Most of the top songs were shit, but I listened anyways simply because Patrick and Joe were making the most hilarious celebrity-bashing comments in between songs. At the end, Patrick says, "Well, I'm glad that's over, because I'm exhausted, but then again, I always am. And, uh, all those comments about celebrities should be taken lightly, I'm sure they're all good people." Then Joe adds, "Now, I'm gonna put a little 'gtg' and a smiley face in there.' and then they go off about their new record, but did not mention once that some idiot had leaked the entire thing. I was laying in bed, giggling the entire time. I am such a loser. But I fell asleep as soon as the show was over; Patrick and Joe should be on the radio more often. And guess what I dreamed about? I was hosting the Sirius Hits 1 weekend countdown with Patrick and Joe xD

So I wake up hours later, and I'm smiling. And feeling like a bit of an idiot. I go out into the kitchen, and I look awful. I haven't done my hair yet and I am wearing a blue-and-white Our Lady Peace shirt and pink-and-purple pajama bottoms. But I'm still smiling. My brother glares at me and says,
"What, did you hear Patrick and Joe on the radio this morning?"
And I start laughing.

HA. Tara, you should have come over last night like I asked you to. You missed Patrick and Joe.

Now I am sitting here, still not properly dressed, listening to 'The Joshua Tree' album. U2's greatest. Sometimes I like this album better the FOB albums. I think this may be the greatest album of all time.

And guess what? I am still giggling. Today is, like, the greatest day ever.
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