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So can I kill your Girlfriend?

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So meet the girlfriend and unanswer text messages. What to do in these situation? Janelle has no idea.

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Then on cue the three Bradix sisters appeared. Angela, Dawn, and Camilla were walking down the hall as the rest of the hall bowed at their beauty. Lockers slamming went silent. Boys' eyes darted at them with hungry eyes. Girls envied them and wished they were them.

~ Just to let you know I actually like the Bradix sisters. Dawn was the stupid one and I always laughed at her. She made my day when nothing else did. Camilla was the mimic; she always copied what Angela says as if she thought of it herself. Its kinda weird but she has no life. Then there's Angela who is the ringleader of the sisters. Every thing she says goes. So you may still wonder why I like them, well they hate and love to torture Britteny as much as I do. Hard to believe Britteny has so many enemies with in her own social group. They're like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston throw down in and parking lot. But hey I love a good catfight once in a while. ~
The Bradix sister stopped in front of me.

"Hey Janelle" Angela asid kissing me on both cheeks.

"Hey Janelle" Camilla sid doing the same.

"I thought your name was Kayla" Dawn said cocking her head to the side with wide eyes and then laughed. I just smiled but on the inside I wanted to slap her.

"Hey Camren. I love your hair did you cut it. Very chic" Angela said touching Camren's hair.

"Hey Marco. Love you shirt we should go shopping sometime" Angela said the turned back to me. Marco looked at me wide eyes and confused.

"Janelle have you seen Jerad" Angela asked.

"No but his locker is next to mine. He usually comes to his locker at this time or in like five minutes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Not that I know his every waking moment. I mean I would need to know cause. . . . . Bye" I said nervously grabbing Camren and Marco.
When we got away safely the bell rung. We said our goodbyes and headed to class. I sat in my usually seat by Jerad. Mrs. Scott decided to punish us with a test. While taking the test I got a text:

Hey! Do u knw # 10?

Mr. Cahan this is called cheating. Figure it out and tell me cause I have no idea. LOL! So did you see Angela @ ur locker. Sent by urs truly. :)

U knw Angela huh? I guess I should thank you.

Ur welcome! Ur girlfriend jus came back 4rm the fashion capital: Paris. Y back to Moore?

4 me, I guess. So I heard Damien is back as well. Word on the street is he's back 4 u. I don't blame him.

Before I could reply Mrs. Scott looked up from her desk and I put my cell away. Jerad did the same. I looked over at Jerad and smiled, he smiled too. But that last text rang in my head 'I don't blame him'. What the hell did that mean?


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