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Sure, I Believe You Naruto

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The next story for "Are You Serious?". Naruto has a nightmare and its bothering him quite a lot. And Sasuke starts thinking on how to get rid of Naruto... Please R&R!!

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I do not own Naruto or any of the characters and stuff. I never will. Never.

Naruto!! Hey!! Can you hear me? Naruto.... Naruto please help me!! Naruto!!! Please help me, I'm in danger.... Naruto.....

"Ahh!" Naruto yelled woken up by a nightmare.

He had a cold sweat and was breathing hard. He finally settled down and fell back so his head was on his pillow again.

"What the hell was that? It sounded like someone was begging for help... And I didn't answer. That was odd," he said to himself.

He looked out the window to find a tiny bit of sunlight. He looked to his side to read the clock: 6:00 a.m.

"What?! Are you serious?! Its only 6 in the morning? Well, whatever I"m already up and awake so I might as well get up," he says to himself.


He was now outside sitting by the river, his place for a chat with Sakura. But it was also the place where he sat at every day when he woke up. I guess you could say that he grew to be a part of the river. (Whatever, xD)

"Naruto! Your up early. Your usually up around 9:00. Somehing wrong?" a voice asked him.

That voice it sounded like the one in my nightmare. But its just a nightmare, its not like its going to come true. I hope it doesn't though, Naruto thought to himself.

It was Sakura. She was out and about taking a walk to enjoy the world. But she stumbled upon Naruto and stopped what she was doing. She sat down next to him.

"Oh, hey. No not really," he said looking down at the ground.

"Something is up I can tell. What is it? You can tell me. I can keep a secret," she said smiling (she was laughing a little in her mind. Don't know why though).

"Fine, fine. It was this... nightmare I had last night. It was horrible. I can't remember it all, but I do remember one part. Someone was screaming that they were in danger. They asked me to help them, but I couldn't, I don't know why," he said still not looking at her.

"Oh, but don't worry, it was just a nightmare," she said hugging him.

She let go when he didn't do anything.

"Naruto. Is something else wrong?"

"Ahh!! Hey! That was NOT funny Naruto," Sakura yelled at him. He was thinking of something to do to her while she was talking to him. He had ignored him the whole time. What he had done was take his hands and cup them in the river. He then dumped what remaining water was in his hands onto her. She didn't seem to take it like a joke.

"Sorry Sakura, I thought it was funny. I didn't mean to make you mad," he said trying not to laugh.

She was staring at him, a fist clenched to her side. Water dripped off her soft pink hair and onto the ground and her clothes.

Shit. What is she going to do to me? I only thought it was funny, Naruto thought to himself.

She came over to him and stared at him. He didn't know what to do. She came closer... and closer. She had a little smile on her face.

I know what exactly what to do to him, Sakura thought to herself.

She was so close now he could feel her breath on his neck. (She is a little shorter then him) She then gave him a passionate kiss. Naruto was surprised but didn't think anymore of it. He wrapped his arms around her waist. Sakura then took his hands and moved them away from her.

What is she doing? She is confusing me. First she wants to kiss me, which I wanted by the way, hehe, and now she's moving my hands away from her. What's with her? And she said there was something wrong with me.

Before he could think of anymore stuff, Sakura pushed slightly, but enough to make him lose balance and fall into the shallow water behind him. He landed with a splash, and alot of laughter came from Sakura.

"NOW that was funny. I wanted to get back at you," she said smiling.

Naruto was sitting in the water, soaked, but he was laughing.


"Here, Naruto, I'll help you up." She grabbed his hand.

Shit, I shouldn't of done that, knowing Naruto well enough.

He then pulled her hand hard which made her fall in.

"Now we are even!" Naruto said laughing. Sakura looked mad for a minute before laughing too.


They were now at the hut, drying off in fluffy towels. (They still had their clothes on. I know it sounds weird but oh well, xD) When they were completely dry they sat down against a wall and sighed.

Naruto please help! Don't you know who I am? Please help me!! Naruto! Can you hear me? Naruto....

"Huh?" said Naruto.

"What is it?" asked Sakura.

"Oh, its nothing."

What is going on here? What is with this nightmare coming up now? This is creeping me out.

"Naruto your scaring me. I can tell another part of your nightmare came up again. Please try to ignore it..." Sakura softly asked.

"I"m sorry, I don't mean to scare you, Sakura, they are just popping up. I'm sorry."

"Its alright. I'm just worried about you, because on how your telling it to me on what its about, its scaring me," she closes her eyes and gets close to him and kisses him lightly.

When they parted she just smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder. He sighed as he put hi arm around her.


"No sign of them yet. Where the hell can they be?"

It was Sasuke. After the 'creepy encounter' with Naruto's sexy jutsu Sasuke was pretty mad and wanted revenge.

"I can't plan it though. Sakura is always by his side. If I hurt her while attacking him, I don't know what I would do. But Naruto must be gone... Forever."

Sorry about the cliffhanger. I'll make the next story when I have the time. Also I hate making chapters so I just like making new stories. Thanks for reading. I'd like to know what you thought. :)
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