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Just Read It.

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"So tell me Jess..who should I know, or stay away from, you know... whats the scoop?" Avery asked her friend Jessica.

Avery just moved to Chicago to attend a local college, Jessica was an old friend from grade school.

"Well girl, this party is HUGE so I'll try and tell you everything you need to know in a nut shell!" Jessica yelled over the loud music.

"Ya see him? That's Chase Simms..he's known for going after the new girls so watch out because he's a total jerk. And over there.. that's Andy Hurley, he's a good friend of my boyfriend Joe." Avery just nodded and kept following Jessica around the room.

"Speaking of Joe..." Jessica smiled as Joe Trohman walked up to her and dramatically dipped her back and kissed her. Patrick Stumph was with him.

"Avery, ths Joe, Joe this is Avery. Patty this is Avery, Avery this is Patty."

"Hey!" Avery smiled but didnt say much because the music was still pulsing loud.

"Hey I'll be right back Joe wants to show me something!" Jessica did a little wink then asked her if she would be alright by herself. Avery nodded and watched her walk away. It wasn't five minutes later when this...Chase Simms walked up to her..

"Hey You new here?" he yelled over the music.

"Uh..Yea." she said a little uncomfortably.

"You wanna dance?!" he asked grabbing her waiste a little too hard.

"Um, actually I think Im a little tired."

"Aww..come on, lets just dance a little..I promise I'll treat you real-"

Someone then stepped in front of her facing Chase.

"She doesn't want to dance with you Chase, move on."

Avery liked the fact that this perosn was protecting her.

"Look Pete, I saw her first so why dont YOU move on." that was his name.

Avery stood behind him not moving. Finally when this Chase character gave up and walked away Pete turned around.

"I saw how uncomfortable you looked from across the room." He smiled.

"So you were watching me huh?" She gave him her best smile.

For a few minutes they just stood there smiling at each other. She was just about to tell him her name when Jessica came around the corner.

"Oh hey Av! I see you've met Pete!" she sounded like she had drank one too many.

"Jessica how much have to drank tonight?" Pete asked her.

"Oh...Uh...well just a few!!" she nearly fell down when Pete caugt her.

"Let's get you home.." Pete picked her up and looked at Avery.

"Are you going with her?" he asked.

"Um, no I wasnt but I think I will just to make sure she gets home ok." Avery felt so attracted to Pete, it was something she just couldnt help..but for all she knew he had a girlfriend.

They made their way through the party and out to the car. Pete laid the seat back and put down Jessica. Avery was about to get in the car when she noticed Pete making his way to her side of the car.

"Thanx for yor help tonight, are you always this heroic?" she smiled.

"Nah, I dont think so," he grinned.

"By the way, Im Avery."

"Pete." He shook her had while looking her in the eye.

He smiled and she got in the car before closing the door he smiled and said.."See ya around Avery."
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