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From France To Canada

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Kimmi goes to visit her family in Canada, but somethings gonna change her forever over there.

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"Mom, do I really have to go to Canada?" I pleaded with her.
"I thought you didn't like being in France." she answered. I didn't because everyone knew who I was.
"Fine I will go talk to dad about it." I said and left to find my dad in his office.
"Daddy, why are you shipping me to visit our relatives in Canada?" I asked sweetly.
"Because it will be you last summer to visit them before you start you duties as a princess." my dad said proudly. My dad had always looked toward my seventeenth birthday, when I would be introduced to France as their new princess.

I started to pack my stuff to leave with tomorrow with. I couldn't be like a normal kid and fly a regular plane, I had to take the private jet. God, I hate being a princess. The one good thing about this trip was seeing my cousin Sebastien Lefebvre. I finished packing when my phone rang.
"Hello" I said.
"Hey I can't wait until you come to visit. My band and I prepared a song just for you." the person on the other end said.
"Oh hello Sebby. You have a band?"
("Yeah, we wrote a song called `I'm just a kid'. The guys say they feel like they know you because I have been talking about you non-stop.")
"You didn't tell them I was a princess, did you?"
("No, I will let you tell them.")
"Okay I need to go. Bye Sebby."

The next morning.

I woke up and all my stuff was already in the car waiting to go to the airport. I haven't seen Seb since we were nine. He just graduated from high school and I just dropped out to start princess training. My parents want me to loss my black and pink hair, but I am not going too.
"Morning. Time to go" my mom said.
"Okay, be down in a sec." I replied. I walked downstairs and got in the car to leave.
"We have a surprise for you." my dad said.
"Really? What?" I asked
"You'll see" he replied smiling. We pulled up to the jet and got out. I walked on the jet and heard someone familiar.
"About time. Dang, I can't wait `till we get to Canada." it belong to my best friend Paige. She had always wanted to go to Canada and see my family.
"Looks like you got your wish"
"Yeah, I always get what I want" she replied and smiled. Shortly after that we were in the air.
"This is your captain speaking and we will be in Canada in about 12 hours."
"I hope there are some hot guys over there." Paige said.
"Yeah, I hope Abby will be around." I said.
"Who's Abby?"
"My one true friend besides you." "Does she know you are a princess?"
"No, do not tell anyone!"
"I won't"

12 hours later.

"We are here." the captain said. We got our stuff together and my phone started to ring.
"Oh, it is just a picture." I told Paige. It was a picture of Seb. I looked around and saw him with four other guys. I snuck up behind him and covered his eyes.
"Guess who?" I asked. He turned around and bowed.
"Princess, welcome to Canada." he said. The other guys gave him a weird look.
"Her parents used to say she would be a princess someday." he said with a laugh. They shrugged.
"Must be an inside joke." I heard one of them say.
"Sebby, this is Paige, a friend from France." I said.
"Are you going to introduce us?" the one standing next to him asked looking annoyed.
"All right David calm down." Seb said.
"Guys this is my cousin Kimmi. In case your name is David, she is from France." I laughed.
"Hey my name is Jeff." one of them replied.
"Hi, my name is David and I take offense to that Seb." the annoyed on said.
"My name is Pierre or you can call me baby." another one said. He walked up and put his arm around me.
"Yeah, now get your arm off me." I said and removed his arm.
"Okay, I met three of you. Where is the fourth?" I asked.
"Chuck must have snuck away. He is very shy around girls." Seb said. Seb looked around and saw him sitting on a bench.
"Chuck come meet Seb's hot cousin." Pierre yelled.
"I'm coming. Hold your horses." he replied. He got up and walked over to where me and Pierre were standing.
"Hi, my name is Charles, but please call me Chuck. I hate being called Charles." he said shyly.
"Hey, my name is Kimberly, but please call me Kimmi and this is Paige." I told him.
"Okay, let's go home. Are you guys coming over to practice?" Seb asked.
"Yeah, we have to play the song for her." David said.

We walked out of the airport and got in Seb's car. The rest of the guys, expect Chuck, got in Pierre's car. Chuck and Toni sat in the back in the backseat talking, while Seb and I caught up.

Paige's P.O.V.

I sat in the backseat with Chuck. He was quiet and staring off in the area of Kimmi.
"Earth to Chuck." I said. He snapped out of it and started blushing.
"Sorry." he said.
"Don't think about it. It will never work out. Back in France she is really important and can't be tied down to anyone other than someone in France." I told him. She turned around to talk to me.

Back to Kimmi's P.O.V.

I turned around to talk to her.
"Pierre reminds me a lot of you. Outgoing and funny." I said.
"Yeah, are you nervous about your seventeenth birthday?" she asked.
"Not really. That day I dress up and walk out on a balcony. The day after that is what I am nervous about." I answered.
"Oh, am I invited for your showing?" Seb asked.
"Only if you want to come to France and stay in a palace." I told him.
"You're the princess of France. I knew the name sounded familiar." Chuck said.
"Yeah, but don't tell anyone. Lets keep it our little secret." I said smiling.

Chuck's P.O.V.

"Yeah, but don't tell anyone. Lets keep it our little secret." she said smiling. I can't believe I have a crush on the princess of France. I also can't believe Seb never told us that she was a princess. I thought to myself. Seb was looking at me through the rear-view mirror.
"What?" I asked.
"I know that look." he replied.
"What look, Chuck?" Kimmi asked.
"The look he gets when he is around a girl that he likes. Don't bother asking who it is, he won't tell us." Seb told her.
"Oh yeah. Don't worry Chuck Paige and I get weirder looks." she told me. Did she know that I like her? She was so nice, pretty, and a princess. She would never like a guy like me.

Seb's P.O.V.

We pulled into my driveway and got out of the car.
"Chuck come here. Kimmi, my mom is waiting for you in the house," I said.
"Okay, see you all in a bit." she replied and walked in the house followed by everyone else. Chuck walked over to me.
"What?" he asked.
"Do you like my cousin?" I saw you staring at her in the car." I said.
"I don't know. She is nice, pretty, but she is also a princess and would never like a guy like me. Lets just forget about it." he replied.
"Guys you may want to come save Kimmi from Pierre and David." Paige called from the front door.
"Okay, we're coming. If you like her ask her out." I said and walked in the house to save her.

Chuck's P.O.V.

He walked in the house to save Kimmi from the guys. I walked into the house a couple minutes later.
"Hey, they all want downstairs and are waiting for us. Seb also told me that you had something to ask me." Kimmi said.
"Oh ummm.....yeah....I wondered if you would....want to grab...some dinner sometime." I asked nervously.
"Charles, are you asking me out?" she asked. I flinched at the sound of my full name.
"Yeah." I said not looking at her.
"Of course, I would love to have dinner with you." she said. I gave her a really shy smile. She walked up to me and gave me a hug. Just then Pierre walked upstairs.
"Would you two like a room? I'm sure Seb would let you use his." he said. Kimmi let go of me and walked downstairs.

Pierre's P.O.V.

I walked upstairs and saw Kimmi giving Chuck a hug.
"Lucky dog." I thought.
"Would you two like a room? I'm sure Seb would let you use his." I said. Kimmi let go of Chuck and went downstairs.
"You are so in love." I said mockingly.
"Shut up, no I'm not. It won't last anyway." he said and walked into the kitchen. I followed him.
"Why won't it work?" I asked.
"Because she lives in France." he said.
"Ask her to stay here at the end of the summer."
"No, France needs her more than I do." he said.
"What is she a princess or something? I asked jokingly. He looked away. He always does that when I guess something I wasn't supposed to know about. That's how I got my girlfriend Abby. Abby, oh my god. I totally forgot all about her. She wanted to see Kimmi. They have been friends forever.
"Chuck tell the guys I will be right back." I said and ran out the door.

Kimmi's P.O.V.

I walked downstairs and saw Seb tuning his guitar.
"Hey cuz, your third string is too lose." I told him.
"Here tune it for me." he said handing me his guitar. I tuned it and started to play a song I wrote called "Minority", but Green Day loved it so much that they used it one of their CD's.
"Whoa dude, your cousin is showing you up." David said.
"Not really. She wrote that song." he replied with a smile.
"No she didn't that is a Green Day song." Jeff replied.
"Yeah, they loved it so much they made me let them use it." I replied and stuck my tongue out. Chuck walked downstairs and when he saw me with a guitar he fell down the stairs. I laughed and he got up and smiled shyly at me.
"Guys Pierre will be right back." he said still embarrassed.
"Chuckie, did you ask her?" David said in a whiny voice.
"What? Ask who what?" he asked.
"Yes, David for the last time he did." I told him.

Half an hour later.

Pierre walked downstairs with a girl following close behind him. I knew who she was right away.
"Abby, what are you doing with this loser?" I asked her. She laughed.
"Nothing you wouldn't do with your hot French boyfriend" she replied.
"What boyfriend?" Seb asked. Chuck dropped his drum sticks and looked at me with a sense of hurt in his eyes.
"An ex-boyfriend. I never had the time to e-mail her back to explain what had happened." I answered them.
"What happened?" Chuck asked still looking hurt.
"He moved out of the country." I replied. He smiled.
"Okay, you now I can't stand still and not being able to play my bass when it is near me." David whined.
"Can we play now?"
"Yes, Davey, we can play now." Seb said in a motherly tone.
"Places everyone." Chuck said.
"Are we watching you perform or are you making a movie?" Paige asked in a smart ass tone.
"I'll watch you." Seb said. She just laughed.

Chuck's P.O.V.

Paige laughed about Seb hitting on her. She was okay looking, way more in his league though. What was I saying? I can't think of Kimmi's friends like that.
"Chuck, quit daydreaming." Pierre yelled. I blushed and noticed that Kimmi was laughing. I counted them off and we played the song.

Paige's P.O.V.

"I'll watch you." Seb said. I laughed. Was he hitting on me? Nah, there is no way someone that hot would like me.
"Earth to Paige." Kimmi said.
"What is with all the daydreaming today?" Pierre asked. He had just yelled at Chuck for daydreaming, probably about his date with Kimmi.
"It is just a daydreaming kind of day." I told him.
"Cool. I love to daydream." David said staring off into space. Chuck counted them and played their song for us.

Kimmi's P.O.V.

They were playing the song Seb wrote for me. Chuck kept looking at me and when I looked at him, he would blush.
"Quit, looking at me." he mouthed.
"I can't." I mouthed back. Seb smiled and laughed at us.

After they were done playing, Abby and Pierre sat on the couch making out.
"Oh my god. Get a room!" some guy said walking down the stairs. I recognized him at once.
"Oh my god. I just realized I have to call me dad. If I don't he will kill me." I said running up the stairs.

Seb's P.O.V.

When Patrick came down the stairs, Kimmi quickly made an excuse to leave. Patrick was a new kid and no one knows where he lived before he moved to Montreal.
"What's her deal?" David asked.
"Her dad is very strict and powerful." Pat replied. He covered his mouth at what he just said. They know each other, but how?
"How do you know her dad?" I asked.
"Oh. I........ummm....yeah...okay. I lived in France. My dad worked for her dad. When we started dating, her dad flipped out on her and she ran away. They had to use the royal police force to find her." he replied.
"Why did they use the royal police force? I thought they were only for the royals." Abby asked.
"Because my dad is the king of France, making me the princess. The royal police force had a better chance of finding me than anyone else other than Paige." Kimmi said standing at the bottom of the stairs. She had walked back down sometime during our little chat with Pat.
"What? Is she kidding?" Jeff asked. Paige, Pierre, Chuck, Kimmi, and I all shook our heads no.
"How did you know?' Kimmi asked Pierre.
"He told me." he replied pointing to Chuck.
"Chuck, you told me you wouldn't tell anyone." Kimmi whined.
"I didn't tell him really. He kind of guess." Chuck said trying to defend himself.
"Well, I guess it was Pat's fault that everyone knows now." Kimmi stated.
"You're not mad." I asked.
"Yeah, that's why I will have to cancel our dinner. I'm sorry Chuck." she said and ran upstairs, probably to her room.

When I got to her room she was already packing her stuff.
"Where are you going?" I asked.
"Back to France." she replied.
"You think running from your problems will help?" I asked.
"You don't know why I am running and you never will." she screamed.
"Remember that there will be enough plan tickets for all of you to come on my birthday." she added and left.

She went back to France and we went back to normal. After awhile her and I lost contact and all of us forgot all about Kimmi.
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