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We keep the beat with your blistered feet.

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patrick finds out the truth

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Chapter 10

We keep the beat with your blistered feet.

Author's POV:

Kadence took the envelope with her down to the kitchen and found Patrick sitting at the kitchen table. He saw her and a concerned look fell upon his face.

"Kade, what's wrong?" He asked sympathetically.

"Here take this, it'll make a great song." She said as more tears fell down her face. Patrick read over it quickly and looked back up in Kadence's eyes.

"Did Pete write this?" He asked.

"Yeah, right after I told him how much he hurt me. He slid it under my door while I was asleep. Patrick I don't know if I can do this. It's just so tiring and I'm going to let my guard down soon, I just know it. And I'm not sure if I want that. I don't know if I'm ready to let Pete back into my life." Kadence said as her tears started to subside.

"He's changed a lot Kadence, but he's still that same Pete you know on the inside. He's in there, trust me. And I know he still loves you. Yes, he let the fame get to him. But that doesn't mean that you never meant anything to him..." Patrick got up and went to find Joe and Andy to show them the new song and to talk to Pete about it. Kadence went up to her room and got a shower.

'Pete can't still love me, can he? He has to have moved on by now. That's the Pete that I've read about in the magazines. The one who goes through girls like there nothing at all. Eww, he was even desperate enough to go out with Ashlee Simpson. No offense, but I can't stand her music...Plus there's the whole Spencer deal. Pete is his father; he does have a right to know about him. But I can't bring myself to tell him. I've kept it from him for six years, he'll be crushed once I finally tell him.' Kadence thought while in the shower.

Once she was done getting ready, she went downstairs to start documenting how the guys spent there days while recording. She avoided Pete for the most part. She did document what he did but would avoid looking at him and talking to him. But she did see the longing glances that he would cast at her.

It was around 6 o'clock when the guys started on a new song. It was the song that Pete had written for Kadence. Tears immediately sprung from her eyes. Her cell phone rang once she exited the room; it was Spencer...


"Mommy, what's wrong? You sound like your crying." Spencer said concerned.

"It's nothing baby, I'm fine."

"You don't sound fine mommy. Did something happen?" He asked curiously.

"No, I'm fine. How are you?" Kadence asked changing the subject.

"I'm good. We went to Chuckie Cheeses today! I had so much fun! I won you a teddy bear mommy."

"Aww, that's so sweet! Thank you Spence!" Kadence said forgetting about the song the guys were recording.

"Anything for you mommy!"

"You truly are amazing Spencer." Kadence laughed. "But hey I got to go get back to work. I love you."

"I love you too mommy, bye." Kadence hung up the phone and took a long breath.

"Whose Spencer?" She jumped at the voice behind her. She turned around to find Pete.

"N-no one." She stuttered still shocked.

"Doesn't sound like no one. You told him you loved him. How long have you been together?" Pete tried again.

"That's none of your business Pete. Aren't you supposed to be recording right now?" Kadence asked changing the subject.

"Aren't you supposed to be documenting our every move?" He shot back. She just looked him in the eyes and walked back into the recording studio.

The guys had finished recording for the night by the time Kadence got back into the room. Kadence went to get a fresh notebook while the guys got something to eat.

"Patrick, Kadence trusts you. Find out who this Spencer guy is that she's talking to one the phone. Please?" Pete begged Patrick.

"I'll try Pete, but I'm not going to pry. I don't want to lose her again." Patrick said taking his food into the living room.

Kadence came back downstairs to find all the guys sitting around the living room watching Spongebob. She started laughing...

"This is Sp- Never mind." She said catching herself. Pete just looked at her suspiciously before turning her attention back to the television. They sat around watching random TV show and movies until about 10 o'clock.

"Well I'm off to bed, I'm wiped." Kadence said getting up and stretching. Everyone said their goodnights and Kadence headed upstairs. Pete gave Patrick a look and Patrick groaned before heading upstairs after Kadence.

"Hey Kade- Oh sorry, I should have knocked first. Kade what's that on your stomach?" Patrick said walking towards her. She looked down and saw her scar from the c-section she had. She hurriedly put her shirt back down to cover up the scar.

"Uh nothing, it's nothing." She said disbelievingly.

"It doesn't look like nothing. Kadence what happened?" Patrick asked concerned. Kadence thought of a quick lie.

"I was in a car accident a couple of years ago. I had to have surgery and I got a nasty scar from it. It's pretty much gone though." She said trying to sound believable. Patrick looked skeptical at first but went along with it.

"What happened?"

"Oh, it was nothing. I don't like talking about it really." She said looking down at the floor. Truth was she couldn't stand lying to Patrick.

"Oh ok, sorry I brought it up."

"It's ok. Anyways what did you need?" Kadence asked looking up at him.

"Oh, yeah. Whose Spencer?"

"How'd you know about Spencer?" She asked panicky.

"Pete overheard your conversation and wanted me to ask you about him. I told you he still loves you Kade."

"He's nobody. I told him this, he just didn't want to believe it."

"If he's nobody, then why did you tell him you loved him?" Patrick asked.

"We're really close, that's all. We're not together or anything so reassure him of that ok?"

"Are you sure Kadence?"

"Yes Patrick, I'm sure! I haven't had a date since I had Spen-" Kadence stopped herself before she let it all come out. But by the look on Patrick's face, he knew what she was going to say.

"What did you just say?" He stuttered out.

"Nothing, I didn't say anything." Kadence said looking panicked.

"Spencer is your...son?" Patrick asked quietly.

So the next chapter the shit hits the fan. haha. arguments occur and you get to know a little more about patricks gf. cuz we all love patty-cakes. haha. well review pls! lata.
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