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Perfect Blue

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Lulu and Wakka discuss the aftermath of Kilika; Wakka tries to make Lulu see things in a different light. One-shot.

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"Hey," Wakka poked Lulu gently in the ribs. "Anything interesting up there?"

Lulu had been leaning with her elbows propped up on the railing, staring up at the sky when Wakka came up to her. "Nothing in particular," she replied. "I'm just thinking, that's all."

Wakka chuckled. "Ah, well then. Anything interesting in there?" he asked as he tapped Lulu's head with his finger.

"Nothing you'd understand," she said. She looked at him. He looked hurt by her words. She opened her mouth to apologize. "Oh, dont be so sensitive." 'That didn't come out right,' she thought, and shook her head. "I didn't mean it that way, you know that, right? I'm just..." she paused and sighed heavily. "I'm just frustrated. Angry, almost."

Wakka nodded and gave a small smile. "Talking it out might help, ya?"

Lulu wrinkled her nose. She hated talking about her feelings about anything, and Wakka knew it. He always did that though, and for some reason Lulu usually always complied. "Sin," she said, looking towards Kilika. "Sin shows up, destroys everything in its path, then moves on. Whole villages are devestated by the destruction, but when you look up at the sky it's like nothing out of the ordinary ever happened. It's always that perfect blue." She turned her head and looked over at Wakka. "With a tragedy like that, the appropriate weather would be cloudy and rainy, like the sky is crying with you. But it's..."

"Always smiling?" Wakka asked.

Lulu nodded and looked back up towards the sky. 'It smiled the day Chappu died, too.'

Wakka leaned against the railing and gently nudged Lulu. "Maybe it's trying to tell you something, eh Lu?"

Lulu narrowed her eyes at Wakka. "What's that supposed to mean?" she snapped.

"I'm just sayin', you're always so grumpy. I think it wants you to cheer up," he said as he pointed up to the sky. "So do I," he added with a grin.

"My feelings are not any of the sky's business, and neither are they any of yours," Lulu said.

Wakka stepped back and threw his hands up and laughed.

Lulu turned around and glared at him. She wished she could slap that big dopey grin off his face. "What's so funny?"

"You," he said. "You think your feelings aren't any of my business?" He stepped closer to Lulu and put his hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes. "They'll always be my business, whether you like it or not." He leaned his face in closer to hers and spoke softly. "I care about you, Lu, I always will. I just want you to be happy about something for once. I know you think you can't be happy without Chappu, but take a look around you. You've got others around you who love you just as much. Don't be so selfish with your emotions."

Lulu suddenly became very interested in the floor, and averted her gaze away from Wakka's. 'Ouch, Wakka.'

Wakka stepped back. "Aw Lu," he said as he noticed her expression. "I'm sorry."

Lulu looked up. There was that stupid smile again. "It's fine," she said.

Neither of them said anything for several minutes. Wakka sighed heavily. "Well, I'm going to go see what Tidus is up to." He turned around and started to walk away. "Hey Lu," he called back over his shoulder. "You'll always have me."

Lulu turned around to rest her arms over the railing again and looked out towards Kilika. She could barely make out the tiny port by now, but even though she couldn't see the destruction, she knew it was still there. "You can't cover up the mess," she said. "But maybe someday I could try to be more like you." A small smile formed on her lips as she looked up towards the sky. "Perfect blue."
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