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Thank You

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Lulu's POV shortly before the end of the game, musings on Yuna, Chappu, and Wakka. Slight Lukka hints. One-shot.

Category: Final Fantasy X - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Characters: Lulu - Warnings: [!!!] - Published: 2005-08-23 - Updated: 2005-08-23 - 540 words - Complete

Our journey is almost complete. Yuna swears that she'll finish, no matter what. I know in my heart she will. Even though she's young, she's so much stronger than the others who came before her. She stands strong for her convictions, and is very dedicated to bringing the Calm.

That's what worries me. She won't stop until it's done. She knows the consequences. My heart breaks more and more with each passing day as we near the end. I know that after this I'll never see her again, and I'm not ready for that. Wakka isn't either. She's been like a little sister to us. We grew up together, all of us, Wakka, Yuna, Chappu, and me. Very soon there will be only two of us left. Something about that doesn't seem right. We're too young for any of us to be gone already. And yet...and yet somehow here we are, waiting for another of our friends to die.

Sin takes lives prematurely. Yuna shouldn't have to die like that. Chappu didn't have to. I would take either of their places a thousand times over if it meant keeping them alive and safe. I would have given my life for Chappu, as I would do now for Yuna and Wakka.

Wakka. I can't imagine the mess I'd be without him. He's been so strong throughout all of this, and I think that's why I've been able to make it this far. He kept me going after Chappu, and he keeps me going now. I don't think he realizes just how much I care for him. In a way I'm thankful for that. I'm almost ashamed to admit it to myself, let alone anyone else. I don't know what happened, or when it happened or why, but it did. It scared me at first; I wasn't sure what it was. Every time I look at him I feel a warmth in my heart I haven't felt since I was with Chappu. Whenever I want to give up, all I have to do is look at him and I get the strength to carry on with the journey, with life. I know what that is. I feel as if I'm betraying Chappu for feeling this way.

I feel so selfish now, thinking about it. Here I am carrying on about Wakka when the one I should be thinking of is Yuna. Without her...

No, with her it's possible to feel this way. I believe it was her love for Tidus that made me realize how I felt about Wakka. And with her help, I'll be able to show him. I'll miss her so much, but if she taught me even one thing, it was the ability to love again. And I'll thank her for that every day for the rest of my life. Without Yuna, and without Wakka, I wouldn't be able to do this. I wouldn't be able to feel this. I want to let them know before this is all over. I think it would make Yuna happy, and I would love to see a smile on her face in the end.

And maybe someday, I'll have a smile of my own, all thanks to the two of them.
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