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January 24th, 2007

by prettypoizon 1 review

Just a blog-type thingy for when I can't bring myself to write anything else. Updates, spoilers and random thoughts. Short and sweet.

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It IS the 24th, right? I dunno. I've lost track. Studystudystudy GAH I AM GONNA FAIL MATH 9.
The enter page is cool =)

Ugh I had the worst day EVER. My loser ex keeps following me and my friends around. I was in such a bad mood that I finally blew up at him and told him the REAL reasons we broke up, and told him to fuck off. And it felt good.

I have a headache.
I still need to study more. Exam first thing in the morning.
I love Izzy. She made my day a zillion times better.

I am a llamaaaaaaaaa.

Grr. Now I have to go study. 'Cause my mum is in a picky mood. "Study, go study, then wash the dishes, did you shower yet today? Watch your brother, get off the internet."

sobs Murder me. Someone, quick. Before I hit the textbooks. O_O

Hugs for Izzy,

P.S Don't worry. I love you, too ^^
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