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Gin scatters papers and psyches. [Light GinIzuru]

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Izuru holds the batch of papers in front of him like a trophy or a shining badge. He is Vice-Captain, and he has paperwork. This gives him access to secret treasure rooms. It parts crowds before him like seas and unrolls lavish carpets before him.

Actually, it gives him access to Captain Ichimaru's office, because that was who asked for the papers. Kira knows this, but he likes to indulge in a little bit of fantasy sometimes. Only a little, though, because too much makes him dizzy.

(Besides, he wouldn't want to walk on a red carpet. Carpet makes him nervous. He's always trying to detect the patterns in it, then match his steps to them so that he doesn't step on the exact place where one square of carpet blends into another--)

A hand sets down on his shoulder, and he nearly jumps. One paper drifts down from the handful he's holding so neatly. It lands on his foot. He itches to lean down and pick it up, but he can't, because behind him his captain's voice sings out, "Izuru," like a little bird with a secret to keep.

"Captain Ichimaru!" Kira is satisfied that he doesn't stammer or trip over his words, so satisfied that he goes and does it when he speaks again: "I--I--I was bringing these papers you asked for!"

Gin leans down curiously. "Ohh? When did I say to do somethin' like that?"

Izuru is about to reply, as politely as he possibly can, Two hours ago, Captain Ichimaru, when Gin leans down a little bit farther and suddenly there's the warm pressure of his (that is, /Gin's/) tongue curiously outlining the tip of his (that is, /Izuru's/) ear.

It's gone in a second, which is good because a second later Kira yelps out a stifled shriek and drops all the rest of his papers. "Captain Ichimaru!" The papers make a mess on the floor. They've fallen all crookedly and at odds with each other. Struggling to ignore the sudden heat in his face, Kira leans down and starts hurriedly slotting each paper back into its neat place in a stack clutched just so between his thumb and the second joint of his ring finger.

"Ah, somethin' wrong, huh?" There's only amused curiosity in Gin's voice.

"Nothing, Captain!" Izuru bends down further and stares more furiously at the disordered papers on the floor. This means he can see the grain of the wood, which has always been distracting. He has to be careful not to look at it too long or he'll be forced to stare at it until he hunts down what the imaginary pattern is. He can't afford to do that now; he has to pick up papers.

Besides, he's imagining things already. That must have been what happened.

Kira decides this three seconds before Gin pats him on, for lack of a more delicate and appropriate word, the ass. He yelps again and drops the papers he's gathered back up.

"Oh, no, is my vice-captain comin' down with somethin'?" Gin sounds so concerned and so /amused/.

"No, Captain Ichimaru!" Kira thinks he can see Gin's smile in the woodgrain, but then he gets a better look and sees that the lines blend back into each other too soon for it to be just right.

"Maybe he oughta catch a bit of rest?" But Gin is speaking to the air now; Izuru can imagine the airy look on his upturned face even though he forces himself not to turn and look in that direction.

"I get all the sleep I need, Captain," Izuru starts to say, but then Gin is leaning back down and patting him amiably on the shoulder.

"Just see those papers get to wherever they're s'posed to be, why don'tcha?" A beat, and then his captain confesses in his prickling ear, "I just can't be responsible for overworking my vice-captain. If I go an' drive you 'round the bend, well...I'd just never do that!"

Kira's back is starting to cramp up from being bent over so long when his captain walks away with a spring in his step.
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