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The Sixth Horcrux

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After Voldemort's defeat Harry still has one more thing to do... Short and dark Harry/Ginny oneshot.

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The Sixth Horcrux
By: Random Shinobi

Summary: After Voldemort's defeat Harry still has one more thing to do... Though Ginny disagrees. Short and dark Harry/Ginny oneshot.

Genre: Angst

Rating: R (or perhaps PG-13)

Disclaimer: If you recognize it, then it might well belong to J.K.R or to some of her affiliates. Or to some random people out there.

The Sixth Horcrux

Eighteen years old Harry Potter was standing on a barren battlefield. Small magical and non-magical fires were still burning everywhere around him, filling the air with sulphuric smoke. The full moon lighted the landscape, revealing it in all of its terror.

The fight had been brutal. Not short, but brutal anyway. He could still feel slight echoes of the massive amounts of Dark Arts used by both sides during the fierce battle. This place would be forever scarred by the tainted magic. Forever reminding the future generations of wizards and witches of a folly of their predecessors. Hopefully they would learn something of this, but knowing the human nature he seriously doubted it.

Most of the fighting before had been minor skirmishes. Wizarding warfare was, by its very nature, ultra mobile and elusive. All previous bigger battles had been against Dark creatures unable to Apparate.

This time it had been different. Snape had been able to pass information about Voldemort's hideout. They had gathered all their forces and made an all-out attack to end Voldemort's new reign of terror for once and for all. In that sense they had succeeded.

The ground was filled with bodies. Mostly Death Eaters', but not solely. Order of the Phoenix had lost over half of its members. Not to mention the Auror and DA casualties. Over three hundred witches and wizards had died in a less than a half hour of magical combat.

It's true. In wars there are no winners, only losers. Whether they realise it or not.

He witnessed the destruction around him. He saw too many of his friends laying on the ground unmoving. In other words: Dead.

Pity that Voldemort didn't realise that. At least not before it was already too late.

Ron's dead eyes were glaring him accusingly. He watched as blood slowly pooled around him. Most of the blood wasn't Ron's. The majority of the crimson liquid had came from the mutilated body of Bellatrix lying beside him.

We won. Whatever that means... Those who died were the lucky ones. They don't have to live with the pain of loss. They don't have to live with the images of their dead friends forever imprinted into their minds... forever haunting them.

His eyes turned towards the next body. The body of the Dark Lord. A dead body. He had broken the Dark Lord's mortal shell beyond all repair. If he hadn't know whose body it was, he wouldn't have recognised it.

This is no victory... it's too hollow.

Dark Lord's body was surrounded scattered circle of other corpses. Corpses of many DA members.

My friends... what have I done?

He shaked his head to clear his thoughts, but it was useless. Tears started to form in his brilliant green eyes. Everywhere around him, he could see mauled corpses of those who dared to oppose the self-styled Lord Voldemort and his nightmarish army of Dark creatures and wicked spellcasters.

My fault, my responsibility...

He closed his eyes and lifted his wand...

"You look terrible, Harry," came a cheery voice from behind him.

Harry turned to see his lover, Ginny. He could tell that her cheery voice was not real. It was a weak attempt to cheer him up. Perhaps she even tried to cheer herself. If that was the case, she seemed not to be succeeding very well. Her eyes were red from crying. And he wasn't really paying any attention, he was far too occupied with other matters.

When Harry didn't reply she continued in a weaker voice, "it's over now, thank God for that."

"No..." Harry whispered softly, turning away from her. A gentle breeze buffed his shoulder length, black hair as he watched the horizon where one could see the sings of an impeding dawn. "It's not."


The first rays of the rising sun flooded into the battlefield. Harry smiled sadly. It was indeed a new sunrise for the wizarding Britain. It was a pity that he couldn't enjoy it. He sighed. Destiny was rarely congenial. "It isn't over yet. I still have one more thing to do."

"No, Harry," Ginny said fiercely, crossing her arms in front of her, her wand still tightly clutched in her hand after the battle. "You have done enough. We have suffered enough! You can let other people capture rest Death Eaters."

Harry still had a sad smile etched to his lips as he watched Ginny. "I wasn't speaking of Death Eaters," he said.

"Then what?" Ginny asked perplexed. The rising wind played with her red hair and Harry felt an urge to touch the fiery locks.

"Horcrux," Harry spoke, so softly that Ginny wasn't sure she heard him right.

She tilted her head in confusion. "We have already destroyed all five Horcruxes... There isn't a sixth Horcrux... Or is there, Harry?"

Harry closed his eyes and sighed in a deflated manner. "Yes."

"But you said that he didn't have sixth Horcrux," Ginny all but screamed. "You said that he didn't ever have time to make it."

"It isn't a normal Horcrux. He made it by accident," Harry whispered as he reopened his eyes and met Ginny's pair of chocolate brown domes.

"That's impossible! How can someone make a Horcrux by accident?!"

Harry just watched Ginny. After minute or so of silence he answered, "by failing a Killing Curse."

Ginny blinked. "What?"

"I told you that when he failed to kill me as a baby, he transmitted some of his abilities into me. It was because part of his fleeing soul stuck on me."

"You are not saying" Ginny's voice broke.

"Yes, I am the sixth Horcrux."

Before Ginny had time to say anything Harry had taken few swift steps towards her and captured her on his arms.

"Please don't cry, he whispered into her ear. His breath felt warm and reassuring against her cheek, even if his words didn't. "This not how I wanted it to end. Please remember me fondly."

Ginny's eyes flashed wide open as she suddenly realised what he was about to do and desperately tried to grasp his wand hand...

But it was too late. She was too late.

There was a blinding flash of green light. Ginny watched in terror as Harry Potter's lifeless body fell onto the ground. Ginny's mouth fell open and her wand slipped from her suddenly cold fingers. She just stood there unmoving until she couldn't take it anymore. Ginevra Weasley fell on her knees, slumped over her lover's dead body and cried uncontrollably. Her petite body quivered and her wails and sniffs intensified, her tears freezing as the hit the icy ground.

Survivors of the battle slowly gathered in a loose circle around her. They were crying as the rest of the wizarding world started to celebrate.

It was a cold March dawn - a red dawn, but it was a dawn nevertheless.


Author's Notes: I wrote this over a year ago and I had actually forgotten it until I found it few days ago. I wonder why I ever wrote this... usually I simply can't stand angst. But then again, no one ever practices what they preach... As always, any feedback is welcome.
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