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You Are Now One Of Us

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A flashback into Kaela's past and a move for the guys

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A/N: Also included in this chapter is a Kaela flash back...cos I know you haven't had one for ages and I felt like doing a cheesy commercial just for you guys! laughs My mother said I never should, play with the gypsies in the wood, if I did she would say naughty girl to disobey. Sos...drama I just like that line sighs Anyway hope you enjoy...
Disclaimer: Don't own...and my writer's block in coming back...hides

Chapter 25
You Are Now One Of Us

Mikey walked over to his brother as Frank remained lost in his thoughts and gently laid a hand on his shoulder "Come on," He told him quietly "We need to move Gee." It was short and to the point but it got his brother's attention. To Mikey's surprise he nodded and stood up slowly, stretching slightly as he leaned back against the tree.
"I know," He murmured and he sounded sane again. "Are we going back to the Manor?"
Mikey nodded then bit his lip "That's...that's if you want to...?" He asked hesitantly.
Gerard smiled "Yeah course." He agreed, then noticed Mikey's surprise "I'm sorry bro, I was just kinda fucked up." He murmured "We'd better get moving."
By now both Frank and Bob had turned around to look at the two brothers, Frank standing up and taking a wary step towards Gerard. "I'm okay Frankie." He told the guitarist quietly, meeting his eyes "Promise."
For the first time a grin spread across Frank's face as he literally ran to hug the vocalist. "Welcome back." He beamed. Bob smiled from where he sat by the fire at the pair but it wasn't quite as joyous as Frank. "We gonna go then?" He asked slowly "I could really do with a shower."
Frank sniffed the air "You think?" He snorted but then his face clouded over as he looked at Mikey. Gerard looked across at both confused "What is it?" He asked hesitantly.
"We need you to see something." Mikey told him gently, before he turned away and began to walk into the forest, Frank nodding towards Bob as they all followed the bassist.
They came out into a much smaller copse that held the grave of the late Ray Toro in the centre, the earth was only just settling back into place after being disturbed the day before. Gerard looked at it and bowed his head, muttering a quick prayer out of habit more than religion to the bare earth below him. "Rest in peace." He murmured but not a tear fell from his green eyes, he'd used them all the day before. The others almost looked at him expectantly; waiting for something more but instead he just turned and began to walk back in what he remembered as the direct of the mansion. Frank watched as he disappeared into the forest before falling in step behind him, his tired mind whirl winding with emotions.


Kaela Walker was just four years old when she made a horrible mistake. Being four years old her little mind hadn't quite worked its way around the wide world yet and that led to her downfall. For, you see there was one room in the whole of the mansion that she could never enter, kept locked from her since she was born. It lay at the end of the left corridor, through the oak door and up the rickety stairs; she'd managed to get as far as the locked door at the top of the stairs before but never through that door and it drove her mad. Then one day her Mama had been in a rush to get out and she'd forgotten all about it and that day Kaela wandered up the rickety stairs and through the door her Mama had silently told her never, ever to go through. The room was painted a midnight black from the walls to the ceiling, which were also decorated with stars that glowed slightly in the light of the flickering candles that lit the room in place of electricity. The stars fascinated her and she didn't know how long she stood on that dark blue carpet, her one foot half in the pentagram that spread the length and breadth of the floor before her attention was drawn to the other object in the meanly furnished room. Bathed in the light of the skylight in the roof a little table sat, its surface strewn with books, a candle and several small velvet bags. The little girl crept over to the table, climbing onto the wooden chair by the side of it so she could see over the top. On the side of the table a leather bound book attracted her attention; it was simple and had no drawings or complex symbols on the front, just dark stained leather. Next to it, in a silver pot a beautiful white flower was growing, its petals perfect white and glowing like the stars around the room. Around the pot incandescent beans lay, spilling out of a black velvet bag onto the table top. A sudden urge to claim the plant for her own filled the little girl and her simple, childish mind followed it, scooping the little beans up back into their bag and tucking the bag into the small shoulder bag that hung by her side. She then gently lifted the book from off the table, nearly falling off the chair under the weight before she took the items and dashed from the room.

Two men hung for what she'd done but Kaela's blackening heart didn't notice as she began to follow the path that had devoured her mother.


Gerard let the hot water from the shower cascade over his aching limbs, finding some comfort in the relief it gave his scorched and scarred shoulder. He shuddered and closed his eyes as he remembered the night and most of the day he'd spent in that city. He couldn't get the images out of his mind, the smell of his own charred flesh, the crack as Ray's neck broke, the taste of his tears, the pain that had shot through his heart as his friend breathed his last and almost most shocking for him, the sight of his own daughter. Gerard had decided very early on he would never have children, he had always thought he'd disappoint them or just be a bad father generally and as he'd formed the band he'd doubted ever having kids yet more - but it turned out even before he'd even thought about My Chemical Romance his daughter was already living and breathing a million miles away from him. He sighed and the water began to reach almost scalding, steam filling the bathroom in the mansion, they were no longer a band anymore...the thought and the truth of it was spinning around his head, not leaving him alone but he doubted he'd ever come to really realise it - just like in his mind Ray was still alive.

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